Saturday, May 30, 2015

Official: The Vermont 50 Will Feature Two of's Own

   Plenty of people exercise; many participate in organized competition, but then there are the crazed few who thrive off the woes and triumphs of endurance athletics. is proud to announce that Reed McCracken, co-owner, and Josh Howell, manager, will test their bodies and minds in a way they never have before, by running the Vermont 50, a 50-mile race. 
   You may say, "Wow that's awesome." or "They're masochistic lunatics," but we're very proud of these two, ready to take on such a challenge. 
       The sport of ultra-running is relatively new to both McCracken and Howell, although they've both completed marathon runs and have considerable long-distance hiking accomplishments under their belts.
       I asked Howell what's motivating him, and his response was simple, "It's the challenge man, the challenge. I'm like Barney on How I Met Your Mother, 'Challenge accepted!'"
       McCracken draws inspiration from his running enthused peers, one of whom turned him onto a book called "Eat to Run," by ultra-running icon Scott Jurek. The book focuses on Jurek's vegan and exercise-intensive lifestyle, and, evidently, it made a big impact on McCracken. Jurek helped Clif Bar develop their new Organic Energy Food pouches based on his favorite trail foods. (We have these available here in the store.)
      Currently, Jurek is out to break the Appalachian Trail speed record -- 2,160 miles in less than 47 days. That's 47 miles a day... 
Scott Jurek stands at the border of Georgia and North Carolina on the Appalachian Trail.     Photo: Scott Jurek/Twitter
       As McCracken trains, he thinks to himself, "Jurek's probably ran at least 30 miles by now."
       Come support them September 27th at Ascutney Mountain Resort in Brownsville, VT. Or will you be running too?

Friday, May 29, 2015

New Sleeping Bags from Nemo Perform for 2015

      Nemo Equipment, whose outdoor gear has won prestigious "Best Inventions" awards from Time and Popular Science Magazines, continues to impress with their new line of innovative sleeping bags.

From water-repelling down to Primaloft, arctic-expeditions to minimalist backpacking, Nemo will definitely change the way you think about sleeping bags. Here's the lowdown on how they perform.

Mezzo Loft 30 and Strato Loft 25
Mezzo Loft
Strato Loft

                       The closest relatives to "your father's" old sleeping bag are the Nemo Mezzo Loft and Strato Loft. Both the Downtek-filled Strato Loft and the synthetic-filled Mezzo Loft feature waterproofing technology, enabling users to stay warm in wet conditions. Furthermore, these bags are closer to bedding than they are sleeping bags. When you slide a pad in the sleeve underneath, put a pillow in the special compartment, and cuddle up with the "blanket fold," you'll think you're sleeping in a luxury bed-set.

Tango Duo 30 2P, Mambo Duo 20 2P
Tango Duo 30 2P
Reverse side of Mambo Duo 2P
I recently blogged about the Nemo Tango Solo 30, 2015's Outside Magazine Gear of the Year selection, but Nemo has more in the way of ultralight sleep systems -- for couples too. The Tango Duo 30 2P and Mambo Duo 20 2P are the best way for couples to cozy up in the backcountry. With a slipcover holding your two pads together, this lofty double-wide sleeping bag system mimics a made bed. Hydrophobic fills in these comforter-styled bags ensure warm nights in unfavorable weather, and the backless design saves on unnecessary weight.

Nemo's CEO and Lead Product Developer, Cam Brensinger, stopped designing spacesuits for NASA's exploration of Mars to design sleeping bags for people like us who love the outdoors. Thanks Cam B-)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nemo and Sea to Summit, Part of our Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day is Monday, May 25th. With respect and reverence to our fallen soldiers, we're having a Memorial Day sale through the May 29th. Take a 20% off discount on a ton of brands and products, including some highly acclaimed back country gear like the Nemo Tango sleeping bag and the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus sleeping pad. This is a great opportunity to get a special price on award winners from Backpacker Magazine's Editors' Choice and Outside Magazine's Gear of the Year.

The Nemo Tango Solo 30 Sleeping Bag
The Nemo Tango Solo 30
The Nemo Tango Solo 30 sleeping bag is revolutionary, and that's no exaggeration. The innovation lies in the Nemo Tango Solo 30's "backless design." Slide any 20"-25" sleeping pad into the integrated sleeve, and you're left with a sleek, highly technical sleeping system. 700-fill DownTek, a 30-degree rating, and a puny weight of only 1 pound 13 ounces add to the awesomeness.  

The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Sleeping Pad
The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus
Another award winner on sale is the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus sleeping pad. Like the Nemo Tango Solo 30, this inflatable sleeping pad is revolutionary in its own right. Featuring two separate air chambers and numerous independent air cells, the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus sleeping pad is a front-runner for comfort and ease of use. Available in an insulated version, this pad has a champion level R-value of 5. 

That's only a small fraction of what's on sale! See the full list of savings here. Enjoy the savings, and take time to reflect this Memorial Day on the enormous sacrifice many soldiers have made to protect our American freedom.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Big Agnes Sleeping Pads For Comfort

        Big Agnes' Sleeping Pads have diversified -- to meet the diverse needs we have as sleepers. Since we've got discounts on Big Agnes gear, on sale through May 18th, here's a rundown on their superb sleeping pads.
Big Agnes Air Core, the classic         
        We all know about the Big Agnes Air Core (right?...). It's the original Big Agnes sleeping pad which got the brand its props way back when. By implementing cozier and lighter materials, Big Agnes is always looking for ways to improve their Air Core; there's also an insulated version.
Big Agnes Q Core SL, the provider
        If you're looking for a step up in comfort and willing to spend a couple more bucks to get it, the Big Agnes Q-Core could be your new favorite sleeping pad. The Q-Core is insulated and has two forms:standard and super-light (SL). At 3.5", these pads are designed with a quilted look and feel which gives remarkable cushion. They also keep you warmer than a non-insulated pad when there's a nip to the air.
Big Agnes Double Z, the new kid on the block
         Simply put, the Big Agnes Double Z Sleeping Pad is a killer value. It also happens to be the 2014 Backpacker Magazine's Editors Choice recipient. Roughly half the price of other comparable sleeping pads, the Double Z won't break the bank either. The only thing it will break is your ongoing streak of sleepless nights spent tossing and turning. The Double Z is lightweight yet a beastly 4" thick.
Big Agnes Stillwater, the sleep station
        2015's new model, the Big Agnes Stillwater Sleeping Pad, is going to give you unparalleled stability. If you feel like movement in your sleep system inhibits your ability to slumber, the Big Agnes Stillwater is going to be the pad for you. It's built on two solidifying side-berms that keep you in place with a rigid yet comfortable central air chamber on which to rest. Light sleepers rejoice, this is a quality pad that allows you to get way more than just 40 winks; you'll get as many as you need.
Big Agnes Green Ridge, the all-around value
         Affordable and high-quality, the Big Agnes Green Ridge Sleeping Pad has just hit the market. When all you hikers and backpackers lay down, the Green Ridge will be there ready to woo. Comprised of lightweight polyurethane, the Green Ridge is perfect for warm weather use and super quick to inflate. It's ergonomic "V" shaped air chambers give a unique feel that will have you dreaming in no time. It's low cost makes this pad a low-risk, high-reward purchase.

         So there you have it! That wasn't so complicated was it? If you're looking to save an ounce here and there, most of these pads come in "mummy" versions too. They can all be found on our site, and they're ALL ON SALE through May 18th. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Big Agnes On Sale Now!

Hallelujah! We're now offering discounts on our 2015 Big Agnes Gear!

Big Agnes Sale is On! Now Thru May 18th.

One of our favorite brands, Big Agnes is relatively new in the backpacking and camping world. With that said, they've quickly proved themselves to be a trusted and rugged brand for adventurers. When it comes to compact tents for backpacking, or lightweight tents for biking, Big Agnes has cemented their brand as one of the most dependable out there. Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, Big Agnes' products get tested right in their burly Rocky Mountain backyard.

On a recent cycling trip, my buddy and I relied on our Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 as a tent to stand up to conditions, retain heat, and pack well -- for a few hundred days. From that experience, I learned Big Agnes is a brand that can keep up. We were stoked with our tent and frequently showed it off to gear-heads like us. It has sensible stashing areas, a sizable front vestibule, and the tent only weighs about three pounds, pole included.

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL in action in Louisiana 
There are plenty of things to be aware of when you're on a trip, but with gear, there should be nothing to worry about. That's just how I felt using Big Agnes, worry-free. Big Agnes deals with the necessities, and they come in clutch for adventurers like me.

Now can you see why we're so jazzed up to be offering discounts? Big Agnes rocks. Check out our full line of products, like Big Agnes sleeping pads, Big Agnes sleeping bags, or the Outside Magazine Editor's Choice Big Agnes Helinox Camp Chair.

Are you ready for an upgrade?
Fly Creek UL2 in West Texas