Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kamik & Lowa Winter Boots/Snow Boots Now Available @

Cold wet feet, whether at work, school, on the trail or where ever, are enough to spoil a mood. strives to bring you utilities to keep safe, comfortable and prepared; that's why we've vastly expanded our winter boots/snow boots selection.

To start things off we're bringing the high echelon arctic boot brands Kamik and Lowa.

If you're trudging through slushy sidewalks, shoveling around your house, enjoying yourself on a wintry stroll, or simply hiking miles and miles of snow on end, we've got your boot needs covered.

Because withstanding Mother Nature's conditions comfortably goes a long way, especially when you've got a long way to go.

Order from and receive free shipping on orders over $75!!

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Kamik Men's Patriot4 Winter and Snow Boots

Kamik Men's Patriot4

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lowa Boot Demo Day

Last week we left the store on its own for awhile so we could go test Lowa hiking boots.  Brian and Peter from Lowa brought by a selection of boots for us to test including: the Lowa Renegade, Zephyr, Focus, Camino, and Vivione.  It was a beautiful day and a great outing.

We got first hand experience with the boots and we got to see and feel boot cut-aways.   To provide better customer service we learned about boot components including different leather uppers, Goretex linings, and Vibram outsole constructions.  Evaluating the quality of materials and understanding the process by which the boots are made helps us provide expert service to our boot customers.  

For example seeing different shank constructions helps us explain why a certain trekking boot is distinct from a backpacking boot.  While some boots have flexible soles others have sturdy, stable bases; each has its unique advantages.  Hiking in the boots helps us know how to advise customers when looking for the right boots for the right use. Find out more from our Lowa boot experts before buying your next pair of Lowa boots.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Ridgerunner and the PCT

On April 9th 2009, "Old Ridgerunner" Smith Edwards of Stowe, Vermont set out to accomplish his dream to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail.  Three years and 2650 miles later this 71 year old local resident wears the medal to prove he did it.  His training started in earnest the year before when his doctor told him he needed to lose weight.  He did.  When he started his adventure on the Mexican Border in 2009 he had shed over 57 pounds.  Interested in what it takes to accomplish such a milestone?  You can read about the Old Ridgerunner's feat in his 141 entry journal.  Congratulations Smith!  You are an inspiration. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bogs Footwear: New @!!

Bogs baby, Bogs. This is something we're really excited about at, the welcoming of Bogs boots to our roster!

You already know CCOutdoorStore's got you covered for all you hiking, trekking and travel needs; Bogs is a brand that is hardcore enough to take off the trails, through mud, brooks, brush, fields and especially in the barn. If you're from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, etc- you've got to have a pair of Bogs.

Bogs footwear provides the most comfortable footwear for the most uncomfortable conditions in the world. The best part is they're lightweight and fast- with athletic soles for a rapid step turnover.

Especially prime for winter rescue squads, chairlift attendants, snowmobilers- and if Santa Claus existed he'd be wearing Bogs up on his sleigh for December 25th.

Bogs are constructed of a practically impenetrable upper material and feature their parented Channel Air Neo-Tech insulation that gives you the toes-in-the-sand-in-Jamaica feeling when you're in out the woods in February.

Check out the Bogs Guarantee, our whole Bogs line and expect more detailed reviews in the near future.

And say it with me now: Bogs baby, Bogs., toll-free @ 1-855-244-GEAR and be sure to like us on Facebook if you haven't already.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Outdoor Research Men's Revel and Women's Reflexa Jacket

Outdoor Research offers optimal hiking and backpacking apparel. Insulating, breathable, versatile, adaptive and my favorite aspect of OR apparel: its supreme packability.

Take for instance the OR Revel (mens) and Reflexa (womens) jacket.

Comprised of a lightweight durable ripstop nylon and a 2.5 layer 40 denier Pertex, the OR Revel and Reflexa shields your body from the elements and recycles body heat all while having the highest breathability rating possible. The Revel/Reflexa's fabric mirrors motion, allowing easy maneuvering without any tug, resistance or restriction. How is it adaptive you say? The coat has a full hip-to-bicep vent that allows fantastic ventilation even with a backpack on, and see that roomy hood? It packs into the collar entirely for when a hood is unnecessary
Outdoor Research Women's Reflexa Jacket

One of my favorite facets of this Outdoor Research jacket is that when it needs to be packed away, the left hand pocket doubles as an integrated stuff sack! 

The Outdoor Research Revel and Reflexa jacket is the perfect piece for hiking or scrambling with less than agreeable temperatures or when the possibility of precipitation is present. 

Stop by the twin silos on Route 2 in Waterbury or call in to order at 1-855-244-GEAR.

See you at CC!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The "Best Beer Town in New England" is: Waterbury, Vermont

I've always believed that the town where is located, and where I grew up, is a special place. Yes, Waterbury, Vermont may be "small" and "in the middle of nowhere," but if you live in Waterbury you know it to be different than most places in our country. One of my favorite aspects of Waterbury is the fact that it only has a few chain businesses (used to be just a Subway restaurant before Kinney Drugs came in), meaning that each dining option and supplier of goods is a unique local business that offers its own choice craft. We are also smack-dab in the middle of four high-profile ski resorts (Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Bolton Valley, and Stowe) and three of the four tallest mountains in the state (tied for third: Camel's Hump and Mt Ellen, and numero uno Mt Mansfield). To top that all off, Boston Globe recently recognized Waterbury as the "Best Beer Town in New England"!!!

But as the real outdoor gear junkies know, you cannot come through Waterbury without stopping at the venerated retail store! Booming customer service and wide selections of everything trail and travel related is the gem that is

If you haven't been to the Prohibition Pig on Main Street to imbibe this most delicious libation that is Heady Topper (pictured above), you're missing out to say the least. Craft brewed and perfected, Heady Topper is hops and shoulders over your run-of-the-mill beers. According to website and magazine, Beer Advocate, Heady Topper is the third best beer in the world, and it was created in the brew-haven that is Watebury. Hurricane Irene may have closed down the Alchemist Restaurant, but the brewery has relocated (up the street to higher ground) and is as successful as ever.

Waterbury: the hiking, skiing, mountainbiking (the list goes on and on) and beer oasis.

Toll Free at 1-877-244-GEAR

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gregory Z75 Backpack: Spacious and On Sale!

Whether you're on a weekend trip, a week long trip, or a serious endeavor, there are fundamental necessities one cannot go without. Packs of the past possess a trade-off- capacity for comfort- but not the Gregory backpacks of today. Especially the Gregory Z75 backpacking back. This one accommodates, incomparable to the outdated "old faithful" you might be working with. If you buy before 9/15/12, we'll treat you to a 20% discount!

Gregory Z75

The Gregory Z75 is the modern day backpacker's backpack. Your favorite part of this pack will be the suspension system, which is just as breathable as it is comfortable. The patented Jet-Stream technology feature directs air through a series of channels to offer a refreshing and cooling flow. The Z75's straps are soft and forgiving and when the weight is directed down to your hips, there is little to no muscle fatigue.

Another really cool aspect of this backpack is its dual points of access: a front clamshell zipper that allows for on-the-go entry to an item you need in a hurry, and the extendable top access. Those two vertical lines you see on the front are called "daisy chains"; they are a network of loops that you can clip items to, or even lace webbing to stuff your tent, raincoat, or whatever you want in for even more storage. And when the Z75 isn't chock-a-block full you can cinch it down with an array of cinching straps.

Discounted all the way down to $215.79, your back will thank you when you upgrade to the Gregory Z75!!

Call (855-244-GEAR), click (, or come by our retail store on Route 2 in Waterbury, Vt and find everything you need.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ASOLO Goretex Fugitive Hiking Boots: Truly Unstoppable


Asolo is an Italian boot company focused on creating exemplary quality hiking boots for any terrain. Adequate for climbing the Italian Alps and the like, Asolo hiking boots are ultra-capable. One of their highest selling hiking and backpacking boot models is the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

Check out the boots that hikers are drooling over. Paired up with the reputable household waterproofing name of GORETEX, the Asolo Fugitive GTX are your chariot to mountain summits. You can be sure footed on any sort of wet terrain, muddy trails or slippery rocks thanks to the innovative Syncro-Rubbermat deep-treaded outsole. The Fugitives are in it for the long run, supported by a water-resistant suede and cordura nylon comprised upper that keeps sticks, pebbles and other trail debris out. Their cloud like tongue cushion and surprisingly paltry weight make these boots wear like a dream. Buy now to save over $45 on your pair of Asolo Fugitive GTX and I promise that you'll fall in love with them!

See you at CC!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gregory Palisade: A Hardcore Voluminous Backpack

Since establishment in the 1970's Gregory has been a chief backpacking backpack company. Offering packs in a wide range of sizes and styles, Gregory has packs to suit the needs of all adventurers. Their high-volume packs are as dependable as they are capacious and, by golly, Gregory packs are 20% off through 9/15.

Check out the Gregory Palisade 80, a heavy duty favorite of trekkers and travelers.

With a new and improved suspension system, the 2012 Gregory Palisade 80 allows you to take all the necessities demanded by adventures, while providing optimum comfort and avoiding stress and injury. The Palisade 80 features all-angle access, with numerous chambers and commodity compartments. Weather resistant zippers and a nature-proof bottom compliment the vast interior, and an adjustable harness and cinching straps allow the Gregory Palisade 80 to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in. If you need a high volume pack that is pleasant on your back, the Palisade 80 is a must have.

Call (855-244-GEAR), click ( or come by our retail store in Waterbury, VT save about $75 on this ultimate backpacking backpack through 9/15.