Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep on Giving!

The Holiday Sales just keep on giving.  Three great gift ideas we're featuring this week:

Darn Tough Socks:  Merino Wool, Made in Vermont, Lifetime Guarantee.  Need I say more?  Warm and Comfortable maybe? Save 20%. 

Seirus Boot & Glove Dryers:  Plain and Simple.  The snow is coming, keep your feet warm and dry.  Only $34.95. Save 30%!

Petzl Tikkina w/ CORE Rechargeable Battery:  A basic headlamp good for lots of things.  FREE software download to program the battery for max output or max battery life.  Easy to use.  Only $29.95.  Save $40!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday Specials

It's hard to believe holiday season is here!  Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday is upon us--anyone else had enough of the Walmart ads?  What's harder to believe is that we've never devoted a blog to the amazing Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 in the 3 years since it won Editor's Choice in the 2010 Backpacker Gear Guide.
You might be reading this blog because you're looking for the perfect gift for that backpacker in your life.  If he or she is really serious--and they don't already have one--they'll appreciate the compact and lightweight Fly Creek UL2.  I won't repeat what Backpacker's reviewers had to say, but at 2 lbs 2 oz. it almost has more in common with a bivy than a tent that most people under 6 ft can sit up in.  And if you want to be really light, this year Big Agnes trimmed down the Fly Creek UL2 with an even lighter Platinum version.

Since not everyone's in the market for a tent, we've put some other great Cyber Monday gift specials on our CC Outdoors home page.  From the Jetboil Java Kit to Darn Tough Socks you'll find some great gift ideas at great prices. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Momentum Vortech GMT - Right on Time

Our Momentum watch collection just went on sale for the holiday--Thanksgiving that is.  Save 10% through 11/22 on our complete selection including the new Momentum Vortech GMT. 

The Momentum Vortech GMT ($295)  features all the quality and value of a Swiss designer sports watch at a fraction of the cost.  Designed with traveling adventurers in mind the yellow "GMT" hand allows you to track a second time zone.  And with a new Swiss made alarm, Momentum finally offers a rugged watch with a loud alarm--thanks to a new ceramic resonator.  Momentum fans may note that the Vortech looks a lot like the classic Momentum Pathfinder watch only larger and sportier, and with an alarm that's sure to wake you up. 

Outside Magazine readers may recognize the Momentum Vortech as it was picked by reviewer Will Palmer as one of six "Best Watches of 2013" in the Outside Buyer's Guide out last month.   Stock is good at the moment here and at Momentum, but we won't be surprised if supplies run out before Christmas so don't spend too much time thinking before you buy. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Outside Magazine Winter Buyer's Guide Picks CCOutdoorStore.com's Products: Sierra Designs Zissou 0 sleeping bag

For years, sleeping bag science has been relatively simple. If you want to save money: get a sleeping bag with synthetic fill; if you want to save weight: get a bag with a down fill. And wet synthetic fill does keep you warm, whereas wet down gives does not.

Excuse my while I blow your mind.

Sierra Designs has created DriDown. Dridown is a hydrophobic membranous finish which bolsters Sierra Designs down to heights never before reached. DriDown absorbs water at a rate 10x slower than normal down, giving its insulating and loft qualities a seemingly untouchable edge over any other down insulator. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why Outside Magazine embraced the Sierra Designs Zissou 0 as its top winter camping sleeping bag.

At just three pounds one ounce (1.4 kg), the Zissou's snuggly warmth rating of zero degrees, paired with its state-of-the-art DriDown technology, make the Sierra Designs Zissou the premier winter camping sleeping bag. The Sierra Designs Zissou 0, equipped with DriDown, made the Outside Magazine 2012-2013 Winter Buyer's Guide with ease.

See Sierra Design's DriDown video: here


Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Outside Magazine Winter Buyer's Guide Picks CCOutdoorStore.com's Products: Jetboil Sumo TI Stove

The Jetboil Sumo TI stove will do you right where other stoves have wronged you; sizable meal preparation for group cooking, snow melting, and cooking with a canister in cold temperatures prove to be no problemo for the Sumo TI. In this Jetboil stove, heavyweight meets lightweight. Let me explain the name. Sumo is for its heavyweight stature of a 60oz (1.8L) capacity, and TI is short for titanium, stronger and 45% lighter than steel. In fact, the Sumo TI cooking system weighs in at only 12 ounces!

Although canister-powered stoves have notoriously performed less than optimally in cold temperatures, Outside Magazine attests that the effect was only marginal. Whether you are cooking for a group, melting snow for drinking water, or desire to make meals larger than what other stoves have limited you to, the Jetboil Sumo TI will be your best friend.

It's no wonder that the Sumo TI is one of the most desired cooking systems by adventurers, and it's no wonder how it found its way onto the Outside Magazine Buyer's Guide for winter camping in 2012-2013; the Sumo TI is powerful, sleek and versatile. 

Jetboil Sumo TI stove: $189

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Look Who's Sporting His Lowas!

Remember to Vote.  And why not pick up a pair of Lowa Tempest Lo hiking shoes like the President's to get yourself down to the polls? 

The Outside Magazine Winter Buyer's Guide Picks CCOutdoorStore.com's Products: Petzl Nao

The Petzl Nao headlamp is one of the coolest gadgets in existence today. The hands-free, responsive adjustments of the sensor-equipped Nao headlamp gives you exactly and specifically what you need: light, nothing more, nothing less.
Essential for winter use, the Nao will adjust its lumen output on its own, without the user ever having to take off their gloves to brave a button press bare-skinned. The Nao's automatic wherewithal to give its users necessary illumination anywhere from 7 lumens all the way up to 355 lumens(!) makes the Nao, Petzl's "brightest" headlamp.

That is why Outside Magazine selected it as the best headlamp to have when winter camping in the upcoming 2012-2013 season.

Petzl's Nao video: here


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wild by Cheryl Strayed: A Review

All it took were the words Pacific Crest Trail memoir and I was off to the library.  It turns out that Wild by Cheryl Strayed (March 2012) has been wildly popular...and I waited a month and half for my name to come off the waitlist.  Thanks to Oprah, this summer everyone seemed to be reading about long distance hiking on the PCT! 

I'd expected to follow a grueling physical journey punctuated by descriptions of magnificent beauty.  I hadn't read any of the reviews; all it took for me to get excited to read the book was the backpacking boot on the cover! 

But this isn't that type of memoir.  Yes, Strayed emerges from her 1100 mile solo trek as "The Queen of the PCT", but her journey flashes back along an emotional highlight reel that almost got so depressing that I ended my trek after 4 chapters.  I didn't expect the author's travels from the Tehacapi Pass in Southern California to the Bridge of the Gods on the Washington border to share quite so much about sex, drug use, and grief over the loss of her mother.  But Strayed is a masterful storyteller, who grabbed my attention and kept me turning page after page. 

While in the end Strayed completes her travails spiritually uplifted, I didn't quite get the inspiration I'd hoped -- the one that was going to spring me from my day job for my own epic hike.  Strayed's ill-fitted hiking boots, overweight hiking backpack, and lack of physical training contributed greatly to what sounded like a god-awful experience.   Unlike Bill Bryson and his fellow AT thru-hikers in A Walk the Woods, Strayed had the hardest time liberating herself from non-essential gear like her stash of condoms.  But the way she faces down immense physical dangers like rattlers, dehydration and the loss of her hiking boots does make for an inspiring tale of individual courage and perseverance. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reveal the Path benefit for the Mad River Path

Follow the latest physical and emotional journey of Matt Lee winner of the 2700 mile Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race at the Northern New England premier of Reveal the Path.   The local screening will start at 7pm on November 8th at the Big Picture Theater in Waitsfield, Vermont.  A benefit for the Mad River Path Association, this movie will amaze you with the intensity of three elite endurance athletes as they bike to spectacular corners of four continents.  For a taste of the movie check out the Reveal the Path trailer here

Can't make it to the Mad River Valley for the Vermont premier on Nov. 8?   Watch for a local screening or stream Mike Dion's first movie--Ride the Divide--for a taste of the incredible beauty and endurance that is at the core of both documentaries.  Prepare to be inspired to plan your next epic adventure! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Outside 2013 Gear Guide

It's out!  Outside's 2013 Winter Gear Guide is now available on news stands.  If you want a peek at some of the cool stuff now and A CHANCE TO WIN IT enter the 2013 Outside Winter Buyer's Guide Gear Giveaway.  Since they want you to run out and buy it you won't find much to read on-line about their choices, but Outdoor Industry News has put out a press release on some of the top choices including the Gear of the Year Ski.

It's always fun to read about new products and technologies so you should get yourself a copy if you don't already have your own subscription.  In the meantime, we'll do our best to call out some of the cool stuff in the Buyer's Gear Guide that you can find at CCOutdoorStore.com like the Seirus heat touch inferno glove.  I mean who hasn't ever wanted to turn ON the heat switch in your gloves during a frigid chair lift ride; after all not every mountain has a heated ski lift.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long Trail's Winooski Footbridge Almost A Reality

I'll confess I hadn't paid much attention since the Green Mountain Club announced it's plans last spring to build the dream: a Long Trail Footbridge over the Winooski River.  For a good overview check out the GMC's spring 2012 Winooski Bridge Project video.  What with the local devastation wrought last fall by Tropical Storm Irene...and the large sum of money it would take I was expecting an uphill trek that would take several years to raise the million dollars it was going to take. 

I'm happy to report I was wrong.  I spent an evening last week making fundraising calls for the Club's fall operating budget and I learned $1.2M has been raised already and all that stands in the way of breaking ground is finalizing a land purchase for the south end of the bridge and some permiting.  Thanks to a generous $250,000 donation from former Long Trail caretaker Don Zwick, the GMC is only $100,000 away from it's goal of $1.3M for the whole project.  Miles of road hiking will be replaced by new trails through amazing hardwoods stands, including newly conserved lands. 

Although the groundbreaking didn't take place this fall, hopefully by this time next year Long Trail thru-hikers will be celebrating the new bridge in Bolton!  You can contribute to the Long Trail here, but a gift of $250 will put your name on this project.  Contact Maisie Howard, Director of Development @ 802-241-8322 or mhoward@greenmountainclub.org for more info

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bolle Helmets and Goggles.... For When the Weather Permits Skiing and Snowboarding

Bolle Helmets and Goggles

The other night I dreamt that I was on top of Killington with some friends after one of the first snows of the season, but I was without hardware! Void of skis or a snowboard in my dream-world, I proceeded to carve down the mountain in my winter boots (it was almost as cool as a flying dream)!! I was however, wearing a sytlin' Bolle Helmet and some fresh Bolle Goggles, which are both now available at CCOutdoorStore.com, so it was safe dream-shreddin'.

This marks our very first ski and snowboard gear for 2012. Ski and snowboard helmets and goggles, including photocromic goggles, are areas we are thrilled to expand to, as we do live smack dab in the middle of four premier east-coast ski areas: Stowe, Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, and Bolton Valley.

Not only are our helmets going to prevent your head from trauma caused by either yourself or the other maniacs on the slopes with you, they're going to keep your noggin warm, cozy and comfortable- these liners are amazing. And our goggles, such as the hot winter item the Bolle Gravity, give you precision vision on the hill, shedding light on moguls, icey surfaces, debris and the like.

Bolle Gravity Ski Goggle
Bolle Gravity in Fire Orange Frame and Fire Orange Lens

We're moving towards winter, but some of the best hiking in Vermont is done during this wondrous time of foliage where we presently find ourselves. So come say what's up, tell us of your adventures, and also check out our sweet 2012-2013 winter gear!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kamik & Lowa Winter Boots/Snow Boots Now Available @ CCOutdoorStore.com

Cold wet feet, whether at work, school, on the trail or where ever, are enough to spoil a mood. CCOutdoorStore.com strives to bring you utilities to keep safe, comfortable and prepared; that's why we've vastly expanded our winter boots/snow boots selection.

To start things off we're bringing the high echelon arctic boot brands Kamik and Lowa.

If you're trudging through slushy sidewalks, shoveling around your house, enjoying yourself on a wintry stroll, or simply hiking miles and miles of snow on end, we've got your boot needs covered.

Because withstanding Mother Nature's conditions comfortably goes a long way, especially when you've got a long way to go.

Order from CCOutdoorStore.com and receive free shipping on orders over $75!!

And like us on Facebook to get an insider's scoop on deals and giveaways!

Kamik Men's Patriot4 Winter and Snow Boots

Kamik Men's Patriot4

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lowa Boot Demo Day

Last week we left the store on its own for awhile so we could go test Lowa hiking boots.  Brian and Peter from Lowa brought by a selection of boots for us to test including: the Lowa Renegade, Zephyr, Focus, Camino, and Vivione.  It was a beautiful day and a great outing.

We got first hand experience with the boots and we got to see and feel boot cut-aways.   To provide better customer service we learned about boot components including different leather uppers, Goretex linings, and Vibram outsole constructions.  Evaluating the quality of materials and understanding the process by which the boots are made helps us provide expert service to our boot customers.  

For example seeing different shank constructions helps us explain why a certain trekking boot is distinct from a backpacking boot.  While some boots have flexible soles others have sturdy, stable bases; each has its unique advantages.  Hiking in the boots helps us know how to advise customers when looking for the right boots for the right use. Find out more from our Lowa boot experts before buying your next pair of Lowa boots.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Ridgerunner and the PCT

On April 9th 2009, "Old Ridgerunner" Smith Edwards of Stowe, Vermont set out to accomplish his dream to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail.  Three years and 2650 miles later this 71 year old local resident wears the medal to prove he did it.  His training started in earnest the year before when his doctor told him he needed to lose weight.  He did.  When he started his adventure on the Mexican Border in 2009 he had shed over 57 pounds.  Interested in what it takes to accomplish such a milestone?  You can read about the Old Ridgerunner's feat in his 141 entry journal.  Congratulations Smith!  You are an inspiration. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bogs Footwear: New @ CCOutdoorStore.com!!

Bogs baby, Bogs. This is something we're really excited about at CCOutdoorStore.com, the welcoming of Bogs boots to our roster!

You already know CCOutdoorStore's got you covered for all you hiking, trekking and travel needs; Bogs is a brand that is hardcore enough to take off the trails, through mud, brooks, brush, fields and especially in the barn. If you're from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, etc- you've got to have a pair of Bogs.

Bogs footwear provides the most comfortable footwear for the most uncomfortable conditions in the world. The best part is they're lightweight and fast- with athletic soles for a rapid step turnover.

Especially prime for winter rescue squads, chairlift attendants, snowmobilers- and if Santa Claus existed he'd be wearing Bogs up on his sleigh for December 25th.

Bogs are constructed of a practically impenetrable upper material and feature their parented Channel Air Neo-Tech insulation that gives you the toes-in-the-sand-in-Jamaica feeling when you're in out the woods in February.

Check out the Bogs Guarantee, our whole Bogs line and expect more detailed reviews in the near future.

And say it with me now: Bogs baby, Bogs.

CCOutdoorStore.com, toll-free @ 1-855-244-GEAR and be sure to like us on Facebook if you haven't already.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Outdoor Research Men's Revel and Women's Reflexa Jacket

Outdoor Research offers optimal hiking and backpacking apparel. Insulating, breathable, versatile, adaptive and my favorite aspect of OR apparel: its supreme packability.

Take for instance the OR Revel (mens) and Reflexa (womens) jacket.

Comprised of a lightweight durable ripstop nylon and a 2.5 layer 40 denier Pertex, the OR Revel and Reflexa shields your body from the elements and recycles body heat all while having the highest breathability rating possible. The Revel/Reflexa's fabric mirrors motion, allowing easy maneuvering without any tug, resistance or restriction. How is it adaptive you say? The coat has a full hip-to-bicep vent that allows fantastic ventilation even with a backpack on, and see that roomy hood? It packs into the collar entirely for when a hood is unnecessary
Outdoor Research Women's Reflexa Jacket

One of my favorite facets of this Outdoor Research jacket is that when it needs to be packed away, the left hand pocket doubles as an integrated stuff sack! 

The Outdoor Research Revel and Reflexa jacket is the perfect piece for hiking or scrambling with less than agreeable temperatures or when the possibility of precipitation is present. 

Stop by the twin silos on Route 2 in Waterbury or call in to order at 1-855-244-GEAR.

See you at CC!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The "Best Beer Town in New England" is: Waterbury, Vermont

I've always believed that the town where CCOutdoorStore.com is located, and where I grew up, is a special place. Yes, Waterbury, Vermont may be "small" and "in the middle of nowhere," but if you live in Waterbury you know it to be different than most places in our country. One of my favorite aspects of Waterbury is the fact that it only has a few chain businesses (used to be just a Subway restaurant before Kinney Drugs came in), meaning that each dining option and supplier of goods is a unique local business that offers its own choice craft. We are also smack-dab in the middle of four high-profile ski resorts (Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Bolton Valley, and Stowe) and three of the four tallest mountains in the state (tied for third: Camel's Hump and Mt Ellen, and numero uno Mt Mansfield). To top that all off, Boston Globe recently recognized Waterbury as the "Best Beer Town in New England"!!!

But as the real outdoor gear junkies know, you cannot come through Waterbury without stopping at the venerated CCOutdoorStore.com retail store! Booming customer service and wide selections of everything trail and travel related is the gem that is CCOutdoorStore.com.

If you haven't been to the Prohibition Pig on Main Street to imbibe this most delicious libation that is Heady Topper (pictured above), you're missing out to say the least. Craft brewed and perfected, Heady Topper is hops and shoulders over your run-of-the-mill beers. According to website and magazine, Beer Advocate, Heady Topper is the third best beer in the world, and it was created in the brew-haven that is Watebury. Hurricane Irene may have closed down the Alchemist Restaurant, but the brewery has relocated (up the street to higher ground) and is as successful as ever.

Waterbury: the hiking, skiing, mountainbiking (the list goes on and on) and beer oasis.

Toll Free at 1-877-244-GEAR

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gregory Z75 Backpack: Spacious and On Sale!

Whether you're on a weekend trip, a week long trip, or a serious endeavor, there are fundamental necessities one cannot go without. Packs of the past possess a trade-off- capacity for comfort- but not the Gregory backpacks of today. Especially the Gregory Z75 backpacking back. This one accommodates, incomparable to the outdated "old faithful" you might be working with. If you buy before 9/15/12, we'll treat you to a 20% discount!

Gregory Z75

The Gregory Z75 is the modern day backpacker's backpack. Your favorite part of this pack will be the suspension system, which is just as breathable as it is comfortable. The patented Jet-Stream technology feature directs air through a series of channels to offer a refreshing and cooling flow. The Z75's straps are soft and forgiving and when the weight is directed down to your hips, there is little to no muscle fatigue.

Another really cool aspect of this backpack is its dual points of access: a front clamshell zipper that allows for on-the-go entry to an item you need in a hurry, and the extendable top access. Those two vertical lines you see on the front are called "daisy chains"; they are a network of loops that you can clip items to, or even lace webbing to stuff your tent, raincoat, or whatever you want in for even more storage. And when the Z75 isn't chock-a-block full you can cinch it down with an array of cinching straps.

Discounted all the way down to $215.79, your back will thank you when you upgrade to the Gregory Z75!!

Call (855-244-GEAR), click (CCOutdoorStore.com), or come by our retail store on Route 2 in Waterbury, Vt and find everything you need.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ASOLO Goretex Fugitive Hiking Boots: Truly Unstoppable


Asolo is an Italian boot company focused on creating exemplary quality hiking boots for any terrain. Adequate for climbing the Italian Alps and the like, Asolo hiking boots are ultra-capable. One of their highest selling hiking and backpacking boot models is the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

Check out the boots that hikers are drooling over. Paired up with the reputable household waterproofing name of GORETEX, the Asolo Fugitive GTX are your chariot to mountain summits. You can be sure footed on any sort of wet terrain, muddy trails or slippery rocks thanks to the innovative Syncro-Rubbermat deep-treaded outsole. The Fugitives are in it for the long run, supported by a water-resistant suede and cordura nylon comprised upper that keeps sticks, pebbles and other trail debris out. Their cloud like tongue cushion and surprisingly paltry weight make these boots wear like a dream. Buy now to save over $45 on your pair of Asolo Fugitive GTX and I promise that you'll fall in love with them!

See you at CC!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gregory Palisade: A Hardcore Voluminous Backpack

Since establishment in the 1970's Gregory has been a chief backpacking backpack company. Offering packs in a wide range of sizes and styles, Gregory has packs to suit the needs of all adventurers. Their high-volume packs are as dependable as they are capacious and, by golly, Gregory packs are 20% off through 9/15.

Check out the Gregory Palisade 80, a heavy duty favorite of trekkers and travelers.

With a new and improved suspension system, the 2012 Gregory Palisade 80 allows you to take all the necessities demanded by adventures, while providing optimum comfort and avoiding stress and injury. The Palisade 80 features all-angle access, with numerous chambers and commodity compartments. Weather resistant zippers and a nature-proof bottom compliment the vast interior, and an adjustable harness and cinching straps allow the Gregory Palisade 80 to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in. If you need a high volume pack that is pleasant on your back, the Palisade 80 is a must have.

Call (855-244-GEAR), click (CCOutdoorStore.com) or come by our retail store in Waterbury, VT save about $75 on this ultimate backpacking backpack through 9/15.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Outdoor Research Apparel: New at CC!

One of the most appealing aspects of life in Vermont (to me) is the diversity of weather we experience. This summer has been stupendous. Some days in the 90's, some days pushin' triple digits, but for the most part it's been an agreeable 80 degrees. And just as were getting used to it- BAM! It's Fall.

And Vermont is recognized world-wide as one of the most beautiful places to observe Autumn foliage. The trade-off? It gets chillier in the Fall. To support the Vermonters, and countless tourists, who know what's good with the foliage- we're doing something we haven't really done before (sound the trumpets). CC Outdoor Store is now selling apparel!

For instance- the perfect Fall hoody: the Outdoor Research Exit Hoody.

This Outdoor Research utility sweatshirt will keep you perfectly warm as the seasons change. Comprised of a fleece-lined interior, a wool/nylon blend exterior, and a spacious adjustable hood to protect you when the wintry winds blow, this ultra-garment even wicks. Resistant to fluffy snow flakes and drizzly mist, the Outdoor Research Exit Hoody paired with a shell and a base layer equals your ultimate winter back-country ensemble.

Stop by the Twin Silos in Waterbury on RT 2, call us toll-free at 855 244 GEAR or check out our site CCOutdoorStore.com

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Backyard Gear Testing

As our family tries to squeeze the most out of the last days summer vacation, our son is trying to find and build the perfect campsite in the woods around our house.  His first attempt was a small teepee made of sticks, leaves and pine needles built on a steep hillside.  Despite my attempts to reason with him that this wouldn't work, he won me over with his enthusiasm.  I was sure he'd see the light when we couldn't get our sleeping pads inside, but we managed by overlapping them and letting out feet stick out the back!  Even when I didn't move I constantly felt my sleeping bag sliding off my pad down the hill.  If the experience hadn't been so "awesome" for him, it would have been one of my worst night's sleep ever even if I hadn't awakened with a slug on me!
So when the tent went up two days later in a semi-flat clearing, I was almost eager to join him and test some gear.  My wife picked up an Exped Downmat which seemed like the perfect extravagance to lure me out of my comfy bed.  The only hitch was that it's too wide to fit in the sleeve of my Big Agnes Heart Mountain 30 degree superlight sleeping bag.  Never-the-less the 800 fill down bag felt like a bit much for this outing.  So out came my old Sierra Designs synthetic mummy bag. 

But when I started overheating all bound up in the mummy bag I decided to fetch the Big Agnes bag.  Much roomier and more comfortable, this would also give me a chance to see how the Big Agnes sleep system feels without a pad inserted in the sleeve.  Not only did the bag's un-insulated side expose me to the cold when I rolled over, but I spent considerable energy sliding back up my pad all night as the ground's slight incline was less than ideal.  (My son ended up curled up in a ball in the bottom corner of the tent in the morning; very cute but shivering cold.)   Conclusion: a proper fitting pad is recommended to go with your Big Agnes sleeping bag for a reason. 

It's hard to knock the Downmat, but my right side was sore from my rough night 48 hours earlier. When my side lodged in the deep trough of the Downmat's vertical baffles I was feeling it in a way I wouldn't have a pad with horizontal baffles like the Nemo Astro Air pad.  Then in the middle of the night I felt the urge to let out a little air but there was a fat plug instead of a screw valve which would have let me make micro-adjustments.  What the Downmat did better than I needed was keep me warm.  While not recommended for a cool summer night, later in the fall this might be just the right go-to sleeping pad.  Conclusion: a comfortable night's sleep can be found by using sleeping bags and pads with a temperature rating matching conditions.  Yes dear, I do need that new 45 degree summer sleeping bag. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get a Big Ol' Discount on a Sierra Designs Sleeping Bag

Since 1965 Sierra Designs have been creating innovative products. Products dependable enough to assist and allow extreme thrill seeking athletes to summit Mount Everest or venture to the North and South Poles, but also affordable enough so that us regular folk can join the fun as well. Sierra Designs is a well regarded distributor of  camping and adventure tents, backpacks, rain gear, and- GOING ON CLEARANCE September 1st their state-of-the-art sleeping bags.

One of the most versatile Sierra Designs sleeping bags is the Sierra Designs Cloud 15. In all seriousness, this should have been called the Cloud 9 because that's how you feel when you're nestled up inside of this amazingly comfortable 900-fill down sleeping bag. It brings back memories of when I was a child, small enough to fit in a laundry basket full of warm laundry fresh out of the dryer. It's also ultralight; Cloud 15's packed weight is well under two pounds.

Store Owner Reed in the Sierra Designs Cloud 15 (LOL)

So, mark your calendar: Sierra Designs Cloud 15 and all other Sierra Designs sleeping bags will be ON CLEARANCE starting September 1st. Call toll-free 855-244-GEAR, visit CCOutdoorStore.com, or walk into our retail store on Route 2 in Waterbury and place an order!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Want Even More Great Deals? Check out CCOutdoorStore.com on Facebook!

If you've been to our site before, you know that we're always trying to give our customers opportunities for discounts. Our clearance section is usually packed with sweet gear at sweet prices, and it's not uncommon that we will have multiple reputable brands on sale as well. But as the real discount hunters know, there's even more piping hot deals on our Facebook page.
Click the link above, or search CCOutdoorStore.com on Facebook and you can tap into a whole other world of savings. We're spicing up shopping with contests and giveaways, not to mention shoutouts regarding sales you might have not heard about yet- like our "Daily Wow!": where we'll "wow" you daily with a deal awesome enough to make your jaw drop.

Because when it comes down to it, you- the customer, is what's most important to us at CCOutdoorStore.com. Available to offer guidance or answer product questions 9-5:30 Monday thru Saturday and 10-4 Sunday (the same hours as our retail store in Waterbury, VT) and with a reputation for rapid email responses, CCOutdoorStore.com is the best way to buy your outdoor gear!!!

See you at CC

Camel's Hump in Waterbury, Vt (our backyard)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outside Magazine's Six Best Car Camping Accessories of Summer 2012

Car Camping is a whole lot of fun. There is a plentiful amount of beautiful places in this world that have been made vehicle accessible, and having your car eliminates the limitation of what you can bring (for the most part). With that in mind, Outside Magazine has released "The 6 Best Car Camping Accessories," and we sell almost all of them! I'm tellin' ya, great minds think alike. Check out the....

Nemo Helio: This super legit portable shower holds a copious 11L of water that, with a foot pump, can be pressurized for more of an at-home-like shower. Instead of hanging this in a tree and waiting for gravity, the control is in your hand with a sprayer like that one on your sink. The Nemo Helio makes a portable shower pleasant, as well as dishes, dirty dogs, dirty mountain bikes- the versatility is there and the possibilities go on and on. ($99)

Kelty Folding Cooler: Available in 20, 35 and 50L this soft sided cooler saves a heck of an amount of trunk space. A cooler that is completely collapsible, foam-sided and made by Kelty? Oh, and I forgot to mention that this fully functional cooler is also a functional bar- equipped with cupholders. The Kelty Folding Cooler is perfect for in the car and on the campsite.($46)

Primus Firehole 300: If you have ever messed up cooking dinner on the campsite, rest assured you can blame your cooking system because no cooking system out there is as user friendly as the Primus Firehole 300. This badboy's got built in lights so you can see what you're doing, an electric lighter, and even an on-board timer. This dual-burner stove is virtually bulletproof and if that's not enough- it comes with a spatula, spoon, and even a cutting board. ($295)http://fluxmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Primus-FireHole-Stove-1.jpg

Check these hot items out in our store right next to Little River State Park, or look 'em up on our website 24/7 CCOutdoorStore.com.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oboz, Big Agnes, Leki, Jetboil: CCOutdoorStore.com's Upcoming Sale!

I can't believe it's already August. It's been quite the summer so far, but there's plenty left! That's why we're giving you the opportunity to get outdoors and do that camping or backpacking trip you've been thinking about, by offering some huge savings on our gear. Starting TODAY some of the best outdoor gear will be on sale at 20-30% off! Such as....

Oboz: Innovative light and heavy duty hiking shoes and hiking boots. Check out the Sawtooth Lo BDry and the Beartooth backpacking boot.

Big Agnes: Luxurious and lightweight tents, cozy sleeping bags and dream-inducing sleeping pads inspired by and manufactured in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Check out the Big Agnes Soda Mountain SL 4 Tent, the Big Agnes Encampment 15 Sleeping Bag and the Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Sleeping Pad.

Leki: The number one trekking pole brand from Germany- specializing in security, stability and function. Check out the Leki Trail Antishock Trekking Poles.

Jetboil: Jetboil has been feeding even the most tired, starving, disoriented hikers and backpackers with simple cooking systems. As functional as they are pack-friendly, check out the Jetboil Sol Cooking System for extreme conditions, or the Jetboil Sumo Group Cooking System, or the Jetboil Flash PCS (Personal Cooking System).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mike Ehredt Project America Run II: An Amazingly Demanding and Poignant Journey

You know the old saying "To walk a mile in their shoes,"? Mike Ehredt, of Hope, ID, is taking that to a whole new level, in an epic salute to the US soldiers who have fallen in Afghanistan, that is as humbling as it is gallant.

On August 23rd Ehredt will begin a 2,100 mile solo run, stopping at every mile marker along the way to place and salute a US flag with a yellow ribbon bearing the name, age, rank and hometown of every soldier that we have lost in Afghanistan. While pushing a jogging stroller laden with flags, Ehredt will run a marathon a day for 11 weeks, culminating to his arrival to the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, TX, on November 11th- Veterans Day.


Ehredt, 51, is an Army Veteran and retired postal worker, and this isn't the first remarkable journey. In 2010 he ran 4,514 miles dedicated to the service members who died in Iraq. From the Pacific Ocean in Astoria, OR, to the Atlantic in Rockland, ME, Ehredt left a trail of personalized commemorative flags. He averaged over 28 miles a day for the 159 day journey.

Can you even imagine doing that?????

To follow the journey visit www.ProjectAmericaRun.com . And by the way Mike is sponsored by Vasque and rocks the Vasque Mindbenders for every mile.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goat Man: And I thought I was Outdoorsy....

I like to think of myself as an "outdoorsy" person; in fact, all of us at CCOutdoorStore.com are passionate about the outdoors. But I'm not quite convinced that any of us are as exuberantly enthusiastic, or crazed, about our outdoor pastime as the newly famous and colloquially titled: Goat Man.

'Goat man' spotted in mountains of Utah
This photo, taken on July 15th by a hiker approximately 40 miles outside Salt Lake City along Ben Lomond  Peak, has gone completely viral. Apparently the hiker was observing a herd of Mountain Goats from across the ridge when he noticed that one was unusually clumsy and lagging behind. Upon further observation the hiker noticed the obvious- that aint no goat. He posted the photos on an online photo sharing website, and before long most news companies had a story published covering this confusing mountainside creature.

After a week and a half or head-scratching and shoulder-shrugging, Phil Douglas of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources had the whole story explained to him. It turns out that the Goat Man happens to be a 57 year old California hunter who was trying out his goat suit in preparation for upcoming hunt in Canada. The hunter decided to call in and explain due to the widespread popularity his story received, while remaining anonymous to maintain his personal safety. He never broke any laws, but everyone can agree that this bizarre display of dedication could have gotten him seriously injured- by goats or hunters. This was a baaaaaaaaad idea and goat figure somebody got it on film.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Vermont's First Rock Climbing Guidebook!!

There are scarcely any feelings alike to the overwhelming rush and reward that is experienced when rock climbing. Vermont is a well regarded state for ice climbing, but for the majority rock climbing is unfound. Mostly because the convenience is lacking, but author Travis Peckham, 41 of Underhill Center, is making his bid to acquaint us to the crags of Vermont with his upcoming release "Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont."

Peckham outlines around two dozen destinations in his book- some spots well-known to locals, with many other coveted gems formerly confidential, in hopes that fresh climbers could incite further development. Areas spanning from Prospect Rock in Johnson to Deer Leap outside of Killingon are covered, as well as locations in Groton State Park and Smuggler's Notch. Peckham's contribution to the climbing realm marks the first Vermont rock climbing guidebook, a great way to tap into our state's potential for verticality.

Vermont, once referred to by a New England guidebook as a "wasteland" between the Adirondacks and the Whites, offers a different kind of climbing. The domes and faces are present, it's the little bit of extra navigation, time and effort put into getting to them that may have possibly deterred others in the past. In my opinion, that adds to the challenge, makes them much more special, and inspires a deeper appreciation.

Not only does the author assure readers his book features some of the best lines and routes in New England, but some of the best this 20-year climbing veteran has ever laid eyes on. Hitting shelves at the end of this month, check out "Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont," by Travis Peckham. 

Local rock climbing guidebook author Travis Peckham clips a bolt on the sport route 'Doggfather' at the 82 Crag at Bolton.
Travis Peckham, author of "Tough Schist: Rock Climbing in Northern Vermont," in Bolton

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are You Vermont Strong? Prove It. Run Strong VT 5K on 9/1/2012

As all of us Vermonters know, we're a little bit rougher and tougher than the rest. In fact, following our resolute reaction to the pillaging Tropical Store Irene, a term was coined: Vermont Strong; and if you're traveling by roadways you're sure to pass numerous vehicles with proclaiming license plates that read "I Am Vermont Strong."

Nearly a year after Irene flooded our community, the folks at Bolton Valley are putting on a 5k race with 100% of the proceeds to benefit Rebuild Waterbury. On September 1st, 2012 the first Run Strong Vermont 5K will be held to any competitors interested. Limited to only the first 300 who sign up, the race will have differing terrain- from groomed trails to gravel to mud to rocks, along 3.1 miles of Bolton Valley's Nordic trails.

The race is scheduled to start at 10AM, with a required registration before 9AM. The cost is $35 per runner and anyone who registers before August 15th is guaranteed to receive a Run Strong VT 5K shirt and "swag bag." A challenging course in a very beautiful setting can be expected.

Come get some exercise for a GREAT cause, and prove to yourself that you truly are VT STRONG.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nemo Bugout- Nemo's Bug Barrier

Bugs love us. To insects, our blood is the sweetest saltiest serum imaginable, and when we're near they can't help themselves. Check out Nemo's newest line of defense for us humans, the Nemo Bugout.

As simple as tying a line to a few trees and setting some stakes, the Bugout is a super quick and easy way to emancipate yourself from gnat misery. The Nemo Bugout can be propped up with trekking poles, paddles, or Nemo's own adjustable tarp poles. The mesh walls also offer protection from any rain that could blow in from the sides. The 9x9 Bugout weighs only 69 ounces and is also available in 12x12. If bugs bug you in the back-country or the front yard, do yourself a favor and pick up the Nemo Bugout!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Kelty Lumapivot: Modern Day's Lantern

Kelty Lumapivot Lantern

Remember the dark days before headlamps and flashlights? The night belonged to a historic and forgotten about item that rarely gets used today- the lantern. Cumbersome and capricious, it took dad's aplomb to maneuver a lit match through a narrow gate to get things going. Well, check out the 2012 reincarnation of the lantern: the Kelty Lumapivot High Performance LED Lantern.

This extremely innovative design features 30 5mm LED lights split up on two unrestricted pivoting and rotating panels. Far from a faint flicker, the Kelty Lumapivot shines a glowing light of 110 lumens on high and 60 lumens on low. And compared to the big hunk of metal that is an old school lantern, the Lumapivot's 15.9oz dainty body is featherweight. Constructed of durable weatherproof abs plastics, scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses and an anodized aluminum frame, this Kelty innovation will endure and last to light as long as you nourish it with 6AA batteries. Available online anytime at CCOutdoorStore.com (and if you want to save 20%, click "Become a member" on our homepage!).

: )

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kelty Gunnison 2.1-4.1; The Essence of America

Kelty Gunnison 2.1-4.1

Kelty is an all-American company founded in 1952 that has grown up with the baby boomers. "Kelty is a 60 year old brand that has gotten more Americans out into the mountains, and the deserts, on the rivers, into the wilderness, probably than any other brand we know of right now." That is a quote, that I believe to be quite accurate, from a definitive video on Kelty's website.

A great option for all things outdoors, Kelty offers wonderful products at such reasonable costs! Take for example the Kelty Gunnison 2.1- winner of Backpacker Magazines "Best All Around" award in 2009.
The Kelty Gunnison 2.1 is a two-person tent (also available in the three-person "3.1" and four-person "4.1" versions) for any purpose. Weighing only five pounds nine ounces and priced at $189.99, are major statistics that have led to this tent's success. Not to mention the intuitive set up of two crossing poles that giving this tent its free-standing edge, its durable 1800mm PU Nylon floor, and the Gunnison 2.1's pair of spacious vestibules under the fly. Dual entry access, multiple interior storage spots-the pros go on and on. 

Pick up the Gunnison 2.1-4.1 off our website or stop by our retail hub in Waterbury- it's a no brainer.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Staff Pick: Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core, a Luxurious All-Season Sleeping Pad

If you have ever felt unsatisfied with a sleeping pad, one thing is certain: you've never tried the Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core. The Q-Core uses alternating I-beam technology that has a quilted look and feel (hence the q in Q-Core). With a layer of synthetic insulation underneath the pad's surface, the R-value is bolstered to an estimated 5.0.
Available in four sizes, ranging in weight from 25-36 ounces, the packed size of the Q-Core is comparable to a Nalgene bottle. What separates this Big Agnes sleeping pad from others is the fact that it has an undeniable capability to keep its users warm and the fact that this badboy blows up to 3.5 inches thick! In the lightweight sleeping pad realm that is like a king sized bed! When inflated, simply reach over your shoulder and you can let air out to customize the comfort of you Big Agnes pad.

The Big Agnes Q-Core Insulated inflatable sleeping pad comes with a mesh stuff sack, a repair kit and a guaranteed better night sleep than on your old pad. Come check it out at our Route 2 location in Waterbury or order online anytime at CCOutdoorStore.com.

: )

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kylmit Inertia X Frame Ultralight Sleeping Pad

The Klymit Inertia blew my mind! Close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola. Now imagine yourself being able to sleep comfortably on something the same size! Mind-blowing!!

The Kylmit Inertia X Frame Ultralight sleeping pad uses body mapping technology to outline and provide supportive cushion in only the most necessary areas. The body's natural contact points with the ground, the head, shoulders, hips, calves and feet, are all accounted for with a seriously surprising level of comfort (trust me, I've laid on it and Reed has slept on it).

And the best part? It weighs 9.1 ounces. 9.1 ounces! It comes with a hand pump (the same type of pump as when you have your blood pressure read), a repair kit and a teeny tiny stuff sack. It also has 35d ripstop layering on top and ripstop 75d on bottom- which means its super tough. All this can be yours for just $99.95!!

The Kylmit Inertia X Frame Ultralight sleeping pad is assuredly the perfect gift for any gear junkie or ultralight backpacker. Check em out at CCOutdoorStore.com