Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Snowshoe SALE!

Bet you wish you had some new snowshoes for the snowstorm that hit folks up and down the East Coast this past week. Now that almost everyone has finally had the chance to dig out, you've got the opportunity to pick up that pair of new snowshoes ON SALE. All of our snowshoes from Crescent Moon, MSR, and Redfeather are on sale through January 12th. Our staff has been out in the snow this past week and here are some thoughts on how our snowshoes stack up:

Best Traction: MSR snowshoes really offer superior grip. By using the entire frame as a giant crampon you get unbeatable performance going up, going down, even going across sheets of ice!

Best Binding: Crescent Moon snowshoes' Single Pull Loop (SPL) system is tops. Getting snowshoes on and off can be the most demanding part of snowshoeing and often determines whether you even want to bother with them for short jaunts. We've never come across anything don't even need to take your gloves off!

Best Value: Redfeather snowshoes have been bundled into kits that include their best selling snowshoes with poles and a carry bag. Whether you are an expert, novice, or beginner there is a kit for you. There is no better way to outfit yourself on a budget.

So get yourself ready to enjoy the next big snowfall with a new pair of snowshoes. Now with our new 800 number, you can call us at 855-244-GEAR for advice on your next purchase.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hat's Off!

Here's a tip of the hat to all the hard working delivery drivers and distribution folks who've made our deliveries happen this holiday season for The last week has brought several stories of blazing fast service where orders are arriving even faster than usual. I shipped my mom's gifts...yes, from our store...yesterday around 6 pm and her presents arrived this morning around 10. So what would have been a five hour drive for me if I took the gifts in person took Fed Ex Ground all of 16 hours!

Also kudos go out to our great customer service team who ably managed a busy holiday season with lots of proactive package tracking and few hiccups. While we're still working on better shipping options for our website, we can tell you if we can get your order to you the next day with a simple phone call: 802-244-4000.

So if you get the chance, show your gratitude to your delivery driver, postman, or postwoman. And while you're at it we'd appreciate any praise for our own hard working customer service group if you'd be willing to write a review.

Friday, December 17, 2010

News Flash! Let it Boil...Fast.

A few minutes ago we just made a special purchase of Gold Jetboil Flash stoves that we're offering at a special sale price of $77.97 -- 22% off retail! We'll start shipping orders on Monday, in plenty of time for Christmas. And shipping is FREE!

Other Jetboil products we like for the holidays include: the Jetboil Flash Java Kit that comes with coffee and a coffee press and the Jetboil Helios stove system that we use on our family's camping trips to the backcountry and the local state park!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let There Be Light!

With all the holiday gift orders pouring in there hasn't been much time to blog. But since the snow's falling and winter is here this seemed like a ripe opportunity to talk about how we keep sane when there's less than 9 hours of daylight. Yes, you know...just put on a headlamp. Charge up those batteries...invest in a few more lumens and get out there!

And I'm out too because we're closing early today to see all the elementary school kids pour down main street Waterbury past the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Visitor's Center and around past The Alchemist in the First RIVER OF LIGHT PARADE. Should be very cool...and not just because it's about 10 degrees out : ) It's part of the kid's unit learning about Brazilian they made lanterns in their art class, and learned a song & dance in music.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be a Julbo Superstar!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on the slopes I feel a bit like a Superstar. Now, with Julbo Superstar goggles, I can come even closer! These goggles have what it takes to add more star power to my day on the hill. They are a category 3 lens blocking just the right amount of visible light to allow me to navigate bumps, hollows, ice and lush powder. And all Julbo ski goggles have while 100% UV ray protection for my eyes. These lenses are optimal for bright sunny days…you know, Superstar days! The Julbo Superstar goggles come in three hot color choices all with a blue flash on the outer lens, which adds that flashy shine and appeal while improving filtration of visible light. They have extended out riggers to allow use with or without a helmet. Front venting prevents fogging and double density foam keeps me comfortable through all my turns. The Superstar frames are also impact resistant – thank goodness .

Go ahead hit those trails and release your inner Superstar!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get a lift out of MSR Snowshoes' Televator

The MSR Televator heel lift is actually a little bar that you easily pull up (with gloves on!) and it locks in place under your heel. MSR snowshoes' Televator heel lift can be found on the Lightning Ascent and Axis models as well as the Evo Ascent and Tour models. As you climb, your foot has to drop only back onto this lift rather than all the way back down to the snowshoe itself. The benefit? The Televators reduce fatigue while improving traction and grip. Now your crampons are hitting the snow from above rather than at an angle. This allows us to stay out longer on our adventures and reduces frustration of the one step forward, two steps back ascent.

Not only does the MSR Televator lift your heel, it also lifts your energy and lifts your spirits. Go on, enjoy the lift!