Friday, May 28, 2010

HUGE SALE on Osprey Packs and Big Agnes Tents!

If you haven’t aired out your tent and backpack since putting them away for the winter, get 'em out and give 'em a thorough inspection. Now could be the perfect time to replace your old tent with an easy to set-up, lightweight new model - or get that backpack that has today's innovations in comfort and hydration. Because right now is when we're having our HUGE Osprey and Big Agnes Tent SALE. The sale begins this weekend and continues through June 13, 2010.

Osprey Packs - the ultimate in backpack design:
Osprey has always been on the forefront in backpack design and innovation, and this year is no exception. We are so excited to put EVERY OSPREY we have on our site on SALE for 20% off! Have you heard about Osprey's new HydraForm reservoir and hydration system? Check out the pictures on our Manta 20 page - or any of the Osprey Hydration products on our Osprey Backpack page. Osprey's cool new reservoir has a handle that makes it easy to hold while filling, but also works with the track system inside Osprey hydration packs - so the reservoir stays in place and doesn't scrunch up at the bottom of the pack or get all sideways. The Osprey HydraForm hydration-compatible packs are also designed to put the right amount of pressure in the right places, so you get great water pressure and delivery down to the last drop. And as one customer reminded us today, the system also provides protection from the stuff we jam in our packs - no poked holes or uneven pressure in our water supply. Of course you don't want to forget the packs that keep Osprey on the map - the Exos backpack, the Kestrel 68 backpack, and when you want travel luggage with a backpack component the Osprey Sojourn wheeled convertible pack is the perfect choice.

Big Agnes Tents - Tried, Tested, and getting better every year:
And then there's Big Agnes Tents. Big Agnes Tents. Need we say more? Yes, this is the same Big Agnes that has won Backpacker Magazine acclaim for years running. The legendary Seedhouse tents, Copper Spur tents, Lynx Pass tents - these are the tried and true tents that gave Big Agnes her fantastic reputation. And then there's Big Agnes' innovative and earth-friendly Salt Creek tent, and of course the latest Backpacker Magazine sensation the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Tent. will be offering most Big Agnes Tents (except their brand new just-out-of-the-gate models like the Fly Creek UL2) at 20% off during this sale. You don't want to miss it!

Throughout CCOutdoorStore's Osprey/Big Agnes Tent sale, shipping will be just $7.99 - regardless of the size of your package, where in the lower-48 US it is going, or what other products you purchase.

At, we have bought extra inventory to support this huge Osprey/Big Agnes Bonanza. If necessary, though, we will hold your backorder, honor these great sale prices, and keep you up-to-date on your order. It's all part of our ever-improving service program - where we strive to support every customer with a friendly voice, a virtual smile, and when you make it to Vermont a very hearty welcome!

So we hope to see you online, and as always - thank you for giving the opportunity to win your business!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Glacier and Mountaineering Glasses - Polarized or No?

When travelling on, over, and around glaciers, eye protection is a must, including at minimum 100% protection against UVA, B and C radiation. But beyond that, our customers often ask: when going mountaineering, should I get polarized lenses or not?

The truth is, there really is no one right answer, but the following information may help you make your own decision.

Nick Yardley, President of Julbo USA (internationally for their glacier and mountaineering glasses) says that guides all around the world use both Julbo's Spectron 4 lenses (non-polarized) and their Camel photochromatic transition lenses (polarized).

Many traditional climbers using glasses solely for glacier travel stay away from polarized lenses because getting rid of the glare blurs the distinction between snow and ice. This can be a critical - or sometimes just very convenient - distinction, and with something like a Spectron 4 lens, squinting is not really going to be an issue. Julbo's spectron 4 lens transmits 4% of visible light. Amazingly, though, our team has noted on many occasions that these lenses are comfortable and allow pretty clear vision even on a cloudy Vermont day. So don't let the "dark" scare you away from a Spectron 4 lens.

Other glacier travellers, though, like the polarized and transitional (photochromatic) lenses, especially if they are going to use the glasses for other activities. Julbo's Camel lenses evolve from a category 3 to 4, transmitting 5% to 16% of visible light respectively. They are every bit as protective, and are a bit more versatile. They are polarized, but depending on your plans the slight disadvantage seeing ice vs snow may not be a critical issue.

At, we carry all of the Julbo glacier glasses , especially the Explorer, Bivouak, and Monterosa models for those going mountaineering. All of these models come with a Spectron 4, Alti Arc 4, or Camel polarized/photochromatic lens option. The Bivouak has a Zebra photochromatic lens option which is not polarized and has variable protection from category 2 to 4. (incidentally, our team really likes the Zebra lens for biking, hiking, and trail running, where sunglasses have to provide protection but also evolve as quickly and seamlessly as the terrain and weather.)

We hope you find some interesting food for thought in this blog and we encourage you to check out Julbo's web pages on lenses for more detailed information.

We also found an interesting and informative article HERE.

So in the end the lenses and glasses you chose for your mountaineering trip is really a matter of personal preference. But it's definitely smart to arm yourself with information so your choice is not accidental.

We hope that when it's time to buy, you consider, where our goal is to find the best gear for your outdoor adventure and bring it to you hassle free - and with a virtual smile!

Happy Travels,
The Team