Sunday, January 24, 2010

Outdoor Gear Companies are Green, Mean, and Creating a Scene at Outdoor Reatailer Winter Market 2010

The team was in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market. It was a great chance to see all of the great outdoor gear and apparel brands under one roof.

Companies like GoLite and Crescent Moon are leading a lot of great activity across the industry on the “Green” front…. Leaders like Zamberlan, Big Agnes, Sierra Designs, Primus, and St. Moritz are staying strong… exciting new products like Nemo tents and Selk Bag sleep-wear systems are breathing new life into the outdoor gear category... and kid-friendly products like Deuter's Kid Comfort series and Julbo's sunglasses and goggles for kids are helping us all usher in a whole new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

We return inspired to put a lot of great new products up on in time for the spring outdoor season. Please keep checking back here and on the site for more on these exciting companies and trends! And above all start making your plans to GET OUTSIDE!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Momentum watches by St. Moritz - need we say more?

Momentum Watches by St. Moritz Watch Corporation. Rugged AND stylish. standard 2-year warranty on every watch. Fantastic customer reviews. Need we say more?? Okay, we will...

While the movements in St Moritz/Momentum watches come either from Switzerland or Japan, they source components for our watches from all over the world. It is not unusual to find a St Moritz/Momentum model using a Swiss movement, a Japanese steel case and a deluxe band from Italy. The goal at St. Moritz is always to provide the best quality and value, sourcing each part that goes into their watches directly from its place of origin.

St. Moritz spends extra time on the smallest details, and at we agree that each of their watches are truly “a little out of the ordinary." If you buy a St. Moritz/Momentum watch, we are confident you will never regret it.

Check out the St. Moritz/Momentum selection at!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Crescent Moon Snowshoes - it doesn't get any better than this...

Craig from the Crescent Moon team visited us in Vermont yesterday and reminded us how much we LOVE these snowshoes! The flexible polymer gripped like they were designed just for our boots, and the TIG welded frames were clearly ready for anything we were gonna throw at 'em. We could work the Single-Pull-Loop (SPL) binding even with bulky gloves (no wonder they got accolades for "best binding" from Backpacker Magazine's 2009 Fall/Winter gear guide). The teardrop shape meant we could have a nice quiet - not clanking - romp in the snow. We could even imagine - gasp - running in these snowshoes! (check out the Crescent Moon Gold 12 fitness/running snowshoes designed exactly for that.) The Gold series has a lifetime guarantee, and no wonder since they are so well designed.

To top it all off, Crescent Moon snowshoes are actually made in America using eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 100% wind-power even.

So if you've got those big boats with rigid plastic bindings that clank around whenever you take a step, take a look at Crescent Moon Snowshoes. We did, and we're not lookin' back.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CC Picks: Julbo - High Performance Eyewear

The team visited Julbo today. They have a great team of people in their Williston, Vermont office - and of course they make fantastic performance eyewear for every sport. We love the light-sensitive Zebra lens that can go from Category 2 to 4 with a high speed reaction of 22 to 28 seconds. So technically you can wear your Zebra specs on the local rec path on a cloudy day AND on Mt. Everest in pure sun! Check out the sunglasses and goggles on the site: