Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Snowshoe SALE!

Bet you wish you had some new snowshoes for the snowstorm that hit folks up and down the East Coast this past week. Now that almost everyone has finally had the chance to dig out, you've got the opportunity to pick up that pair of new snowshoes ON SALE. All of our snowshoes from Crescent Moon, MSR, and Redfeather are on sale through January 12th. Our staff has been out in the snow this past week and here are some thoughts on how our snowshoes stack up:

Best Traction: MSR snowshoes really offer superior grip. By using the entire frame as a giant crampon you get unbeatable performance going up, going down, even going across sheets of ice!

Best Binding: Crescent Moon snowshoes' Single Pull Loop (SPL) system is tops. Getting snowshoes on and off can be the most demanding part of snowshoeing and often determines whether you even want to bother with them for short jaunts. We've never come across anything don't even need to take your gloves off!

Best Value: Redfeather snowshoes have been bundled into kits that include their best selling snowshoes with poles and a carry bag. Whether you are an expert, novice, or beginner there is a kit for you. There is no better way to outfit yourself on a budget.

So get yourself ready to enjoy the next big snowfall with a new pair of snowshoes. Now with our new 800 number, you can call us at 855-244-GEAR for advice on your next purchase.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hat's Off!

Here's a tip of the hat to all the hard working delivery drivers and distribution folks who've made our deliveries happen this holiday season for The last week has brought several stories of blazing fast service where orders are arriving even faster than usual. I shipped my mom's gifts...yes, from our store...yesterday around 6 pm and her presents arrived this morning around 10. So what would have been a five hour drive for me if I took the gifts in person took Fed Ex Ground all of 16 hours!

Also kudos go out to our great customer service team who ably managed a busy holiday season with lots of proactive package tracking and few hiccups. While we're still working on better shipping options for our website, we can tell you if we can get your order to you the next day with a simple phone call: 802-244-4000.

So if you get the chance, show your gratitude to your delivery driver, postman, or postwoman. And while you're at it we'd appreciate any praise for our own hard working customer service group if you'd be willing to write a review.

Friday, December 17, 2010

News Flash! Let it Boil...Fast.

A few minutes ago we just made a special purchase of Gold Jetboil Flash stoves that we're offering at a special sale price of $77.97 -- 22% off retail! We'll start shipping orders on Monday, in plenty of time for Christmas. And shipping is FREE!

Other Jetboil products we like for the holidays include: the Jetboil Flash Java Kit that comes with coffee and a coffee press and the Jetboil Helios stove system that we use on our family's camping trips to the backcountry and the local state park!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let There Be Light!

With all the holiday gift orders pouring in there hasn't been much time to blog. But since the snow's falling and winter is here this seemed like a ripe opportunity to talk about how we keep sane when there's less than 9 hours of daylight. Yes, you know...just put on a headlamp. Charge up those batteries...invest in a few more lumens and get out there!

And I'm out too because we're closing early today to see all the elementary school kids pour down main street Waterbury past the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Visitor's Center and around past The Alchemist in the First RIVER OF LIGHT PARADE. Should be very cool...and not just because it's about 10 degrees out : ) It's part of the kid's unit learning about Brazilian they made lanterns in their art class, and learned a song & dance in music.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be a Julbo Superstar!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on the slopes I feel a bit like a Superstar. Now, with Julbo Superstar goggles, I can come even closer! These goggles have what it takes to add more star power to my day on the hill. They are a category 3 lens blocking just the right amount of visible light to allow me to navigate bumps, hollows, ice and lush powder. And all Julbo ski goggles have while 100% UV ray protection for my eyes. These lenses are optimal for bright sunny days…you know, Superstar days! The Julbo Superstar goggles come in three hot color choices all with a blue flash on the outer lens, which adds that flashy shine and appeal while improving filtration of visible light. They have extended out riggers to allow use with or without a helmet. Front venting prevents fogging and double density foam keeps me comfortable through all my turns. The Superstar frames are also impact resistant – thank goodness .

Go ahead hit those trails and release your inner Superstar!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get a lift out of MSR Snowshoes' Televator

The MSR Televator heel lift is actually a little bar that you easily pull up (with gloves on!) and it locks in place under your heel. MSR snowshoes' Televator heel lift can be found on the Lightning Ascent and Axis models as well as the Evo Ascent and Tour models. As you climb, your foot has to drop only back onto this lift rather than all the way back down to the snowshoe itself. The benefit? The Televators reduce fatigue while improving traction and grip. Now your crampons are hitting the snow from above rather than at an angle. This allows us to stay out longer on our adventures and reduces frustration of the one step forward, two steps back ascent.

Not only does the MSR Televator lift your heel, it also lifts your energy and lifts your spirits. Go on, enjoy the lift!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get ready for some Steeps!

More Zamberlan 760 Steep boots! So much has happened this past week! Amidst all the new winter gear, we just received a large shipment of our favorite 2010 product: The Zamberlan Steep.

The Zamberlan 760 Steep GT was awarded Backpacker Magazine’s Editors Choice GOLD Award in the April 2010 Issue -- and got the cover photo. Unfortunately the craftsmen and women in Italy couldn't keep up with all the demand this generated. Here's what the review had to say about the Zamberlan Steep:

Tackle the biggest terrain - under the heaviest loads - in this uncommonly comfortable boot. Got a big tripped planned? Spend a little extra on this boot. Your feet will thank us later. -backpacker magazine Zamberlan Steep review, April 2010

For now we're well stocked in every size. No more waitlists.

The New Lowa Terek

The Lowa Terek backpacking boot is here just in time for the holidays. The Lowa Terek 4 season backpacking boot sports a new light-weight design to help you cover long distances on trail with a full pack. Lowa's Terek is waterproof and breathable. And it has been getting noticed! The January 2011 edition of Backpacker Magazine gave it a positive gear review. Maybe it's because the protective high wall rubber rand with 3/4 wrap gives you extra protection and support. Or that the Terek is strap-on crampon compatible - so you can enjoy 4-season hiking and backpacking.

The Lowa Womens Terek WS Backpacking boot is built on a women-specific last and comes with the red accent while the men's has a yellow accent. (It was the womens boot that was pictured in Backpacker.) The Terek is the first of many new Lowa hiking and backpacking boots we'll be featuring on our site.

Sierra Designs Tent Sale

Our Sierra Designs tents are now 25 % off through 12/3 - or before if supplies run out. As I look out the window at the cold, dreary rain, I can't help but think about how great a new tent would be for that trip I'm not planning to take to Baja, Mexico. This is just the sort of constant, drenching rain that made me change my plans when I was planning to camp in Baja. You have to agree that a well-made, super light new tent would be perfect for camping on the beach. Even better if you were going on a kayaking expedition? Like along the Napali Coast. Or a backpacking trip to South we're dreaming.

Or maybe just get a tent for next summer and put it away for awhile because you can get a really good deal on it today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Crescent Moon Snowshoes are on the scene!

Our full winter shipment of Crescent Moon Snowshoes came today! Yes, we've never blogged twice in the same day but this event seemed to warrant it. Among the boxes were lots of new colors and the same great award winning snowshoes. The Gold 12 snowshoe now comes in "Screamin' Yellow" which reminds me of the yellow lightning bolt sported by the comic book superhero FLASH.

We spent the afternoon unpacking and rearranging dozens of Gold and Silver series snowshoes, including the Crescent Moon Kid's Snowshoe that just won an Editor's Pick from Backpacker Magazine. Now if we could just dial up some snow for Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FREE Down Booties with Sierra Designs winter SALE

Well, Black Friday is Here! Black Sierra Designs Down Mocassin Booties are the name of the game this holiday season at A $40 value, buy your down booties on their own, or get them FREE with 25% off a Sierra Designs tent purchase at our winter SALE. This offer is good through 12/1 or earlier if supplies run out.

Keep you feet toasty in your tent, chalet, or home this winter season. Or use them while you follow our blog to keep up with other holiday specials!

Technical Snowshoes by MSR and Redfeather

While the first chairlifts up the mountain were postponed this weekend at Sugarbush and Stowe, it's not too early to break out the snowshoes for a technical trip up a summit. Two technical snowshoes stand above the field for the types of icy snow conditions you'll find when there is a lot of melting and freezing...and freezing rain. The MSR Lightning Ascent with 360 degrees of traction from the teeth on their aluminum frame is generally considered the gold standard in the technical snowshoe category. In addition to the obvious pointy teeth on its bottom, one of the Ascent's great assets (which really distinguishes a technical snowshoe from a recreational one) is it's televator heel. If you'll be walking up steep slopes, the televator is a huge plus as it will save you from burning calf muscles and overworking your Achilles. Add the ability to flip up the heel lift with a flick of your backcountry poles and you'll be glad for this added feature. The Lightning Ascent offers a four strap binding for maximum grip between your boots and shoes.

The Redfeather Guide Technical Snowshoe is another great shoe for snow & ice. The Guide is Redfeather's most aggressive shoe within it's technical line. With a crampon system they've named The Condor, the Guide has serious rear teeth for stability when descending hills. These crampons are also powder-coated to shed snow and ice. Powder coating is another feature that adds to the value of a snowshoe but is an indicator that a style of snowshoe is for serious use.

While snowshoeing has been around for a very long time, it's the technical advances that have made snowshoes lighter, more capable, more durable, and easier to care for that have led to the explosion in this recreational sport. For more on the history of snowshoeing, check out the US Snowshoe Association's Site.

Going Up with New Julbo Ski Goggles

If you're looking to buy Julbo Ski Goggles, we just received our new 2010-11 inventory. And we couldn't be more excited to head up the slopes with their new Zebra® lens. Soon to be one of the hottest new ski goggles on the market, the Julbo Dark Lord Ski Goggles with Zebra Lens sports terrific style with fantastic performance.

The Zebra® photochromic lens automatically darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity. These transition lenses change from a light transmission rate of 40.7% to just 6.6% offering unsurpassed protection and ability to discern depth and slope conditions!
The Dark Lord's Zebra lens has anti-fog coating and guarantees maximum efficiency and long life. Providing category 2-to-4 protection, these goggles will be the ones you automatically reach for every time you hit the slopes. No more changing lenses or changing goggles, these will be all you need.

The Julbo Revolution Ski Goggle and its smaller sister the Julbo Eclipse offer the same features as the Dark Lord and have the great reviews to prove how great they really are. Outside Magazine 2010 Buyer's Guide said the Julbo Revolution Goggles: "With its fog-cutting yellow-based tint, the Revolution has the most effective photochromic lens we've seen, capable of going from a milk-bottle day to bright sun." And Ski Magazine adds: "Julbo's Revolution: Julbo's polycarbonate zebra lens keeps up with both you and the day's ever-changing light conditions."

If you want to check out some spectacular photos of the type of performance these goggles are made for check out Julbo's Facebook photo albums. When you're done you'll be itching to get out of the office and get up, up, and away!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Let a Black Diamond Wiz or Petzl Tikkina light up your holidays!

Wondering what to get a young, budding outdoor enthusiast? Try either the Black Diamond Wiz or the Petzl Tikkina headlamp. Both styles of headlamps will be perfect for the outdoors or bedtime reading. The push button on and off allow for easy use and prevents accidental use in when packed up.

The Petzl Tikkina comes in four colors with two LED bulbs for a 23 lumen shine. The light beam can be aimed and is very appropriate for hiking after dark, flashlight tag, or bedtime in a tent! This headlamp is not only a great choice for kids, but adults as well. I am not apt to do a whole lot of flashlight tag, but with the Tikkina’s two lighting modes and the ability to aim the light, this is a great camp or late night snowshoe headlamp. Here is what one adventurer had to say about the Tikkina, “Two bright blue LED's and weather resistance makes this headlamp a perfect choice for the budget minded.... I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality headlamp.”

Now, my two children will tell you that if you were to get someone a headlamp then you should choose the Black Diamond Wiz – like theirs! This headlamp is a great choice for kids. There are two color/designs to choose from and has a very easy on/off button. I like that the 16 lumen light does not leave me seeing spots if my kids look at me with it turned on. The Wiz even has a strobe feature, which is great fun! My two frequently use their headlamps for reading after “lights out” in our house. When we camp, they love to have their own light to explore the woods and to light up the tent when Mama and Papa haven’t come in yet. My daughter, who is five, says this of her Wiz, “I like going camping with it because it is good for the dark.” My three year old son says that he, “…likes putting it on his head and letting it shine.” There you have it from extreme mountain experts! Oh, also no need to worry about running the batteries out either since the Black Diamond Wiz will automatically turn off after one hour.

Both headlamp styles are a great value and are long lasting. Batteries are included and last for a very long time with the energy efficient LED bulbs. We look forward to trekking together as a family in the evening and these headlamps definitely light the way. So, as we enter the season of darkness, enjoy some light in your holidays with either the Black Diamond Wiz or Petzl Tikkina headlamp. Your kids will thank you for it!

Hey Ladies – Crescent Moon Gold 13 Has Got It Right!

That’s right! The Crescent Moon Gold 13 Women’s snowshoes are a combination of smart design, high tech specs, and ease of use. The Crescent Moon Gold 13s have a superior SPL binding system that is simply superb. These adjustable bindings have been recognized in Backpacker’s Winter Gear Guide (09/10) as the best binding on the market. The single-pull loop (SPL) has been designed to provide equal tension in all directions to create the ultimate support and responsiveness available anywhere. The Crescent Mood Gold 13’s design allows the snowshoe to follow the natural motion of your foot. When your heel lifts, the tail of this snowshoe follows. The SPL binding both adjusts and releases with a single tug and pinch – your mitten can be left on! Here is what one woman said about her experience with the Crescent Mood Gold 13 snowshoes: “These snowshoes are excellent! Very easy to put on and take off, lightweight and walking is as easy as without them….I had the opportunity to demo them at an avalanche training and while so many struggled with frustrating loose bindings....mine didn't budge once, all day long.”

Another reason to love these snowshoes is their women’s specific design that accommodates the stride of woman. No more having to adjust your stride to fit your snowshoe! The Gold 13 features a frame which has been bent with a very steep nose and tapered tail to allow the shoes to pass by each other and with each step, the snowshoes will clear away from one another.

All of this and the Crescent Moon Gold 13 is PVC free while being manufactured in a plant that uses wind power and recycles left over materials. Well, you can’t beat that!

Whether this will be a gift to yourself or from another (holidays are approaching!), get in a pair of Gold 13 by Crescent Moon and enjoy the snow the way it was meant to be …. pure and peaceful with your heels kicked up!

Sleep Away the Night in a Selk’Bag

Ever seen a Selk’Bag sleep system? All the comfort and coziness of a traditional sleeping bag, but with the added ability to sleep in different positions, lounge around, and even walk. The best part of all this--besides a comfortable and restful night at camp--is that you can get up to make your coffee without having to get out of your sleeping bag! Talk about being the envy of your campsite.

Here's what one camper said about the Selk’Bag, “I find that I move a lot when sleeping and with traditional sleeping bags I often find that I am restricted and cannot get the freedom I need, I found with the Selk that this was not a problem as the bag allowed full movement and kept me snug and warm all night.”

There's also a Selk Bag for kids! I know two children who love their Selk’Bags and think that they are the coolest thing under the sun. No more getting up in the middle of the night to wrap your little one back up in their sleeping bag since they kicked it off and are now in a ball shivering in their sleep. They will enjoy a restful and warm night’s sleep as well. In the morning, they can just get up and have their oatmeal while staying all toasty and warm.

The Selk’Bag has zip up hands, a drawstring hood, baffle construction and draft tubes. They are constructed in Chile and are named after an indigenous Chilean tribe and their own innovative cold weather garb. This sleep system packs up like any other sleeping bag and comes in three adult and two kid sizes.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahh! Gregory's Denali Pro Expedition Pack

Whenever I say the name Gregory Denali Pro Expedition Pack I flash back to our 10 day backpacking trip in Denali National Park with our Gregory Pro packs. Unfortunately we missed this great view of Denali while camping at Wonder was amazing how huge the mountain really was the one day it popped out of the clouds! We weren't pros at the time and you don't need to be one to get a pack like just need to have a lot of stuff to haul. With a volume of 115 Liters in the large, you can almost pack your kitchen sink. Afterwards you may never want to leave the wilderness and go back to work. We certainly didn't. If you don't need quite that much space the Gregory Whitney Backpack holds 95 Liters. Best of all you get a Denali Pro or a Whitney @20% OFF now through 11/13 during our Gregory Backpack Sale.

All this talk also makes me think of even grander expeditions to far away places like the Himalayas. Besides having one person in the shop whose trekked there, we've got another connection to the Himalayas here in Waterbury, VT: The Himalayan Cataract Project. We get an inside view into how this non-profit is run from our friends who run their main office here. In a nutshell, a pair of opthamalogists started doing cataract surgeries to cure blindness in the Himalayan region and have added doctors, facilities, and training to expand their good work. They've also just started work on a hospital in Rwanda. It's a great cause...something worth supporting as we start pondering the many reasons we have to give thanks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ready for a new Gregory Ski Backpack this winter?

Winter backpacks...already? Yup. We had two customers in the store this week who'd hiked up for their first alpine ski runs of the winter at Stowe Mountain Resort. They came to us looking to upgrade to real ski backpacks. The Gregory Targhee was Backpacker Mag's Editor's Choice in this category last winter...and is a local backcountry favorite. A close friend started using its smaller version The Gregory Drift about a year ago and only raves about it. Besides the fact that both these packs are ON SALE now thru 11/13, you'll enjoy your early season skiing with a new, comfortable backpack. Gregory Packs are designed to transfer the load effectively so you stay balanced and strong as you make you way to the top of your first run. Besides why wait until after your next trip to remember that this was the year you promised yourself you'd get some new gear. Check out our new Ski Pack section for other great alpine packs from Deuter and Osprey!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gregory Baltoro 70 wins again!

Yes, the Gregory Baltoro 70 (and Women's Deva 60) are great backpacks. We've known this since they came out. And indeed these were Backpacker Editor's Choice winners in 2008. But now they've given it even higher accolades: Backpacker Editor's Choice Hall of Fame in this November's issue of Backpacker. Here's what they had to say:

Of the 28 packs that have earned the highest award over the past 13 years, Gregory's Baltoro 70 (and women's Deva 60) from 2008 reigns as one of our all-time favorites. The packbag is near perfect (with just the right balance between features and lightweight simplicity), but it's the "miracle suspension system--with its auto-canting hipbelt and shoulder straps--that makes even a 50-pound load feel manageable. says one tester. $290; 5 lbs. 9 oz." Backpacker, 11.2010, pg. 72

If you've been looking for a 60-80 liter backpack (good for long weekends, weeklong outings, even through hikes) now you can win too! . They're on sale now for 20% off at

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gregory Backpacks Sale

Gregory Backpacks Sale? You heard right. Now through 11/13, is having it's bi-annual Gregory backpack blowout. Get 20% off great Gregory packs now; don't wait until the last minute before your next trip. Get low sale prices on mountaineering backpacks, expedition packs, and ski backpacks. Better yet, we've just updated our site with a great new selection of packs in many sizes and colors. It's definitely worth a look if you need an activity specific backpack or want to replace an old, worn one. We'll try to write some features for a few of our favorites in the coming days.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darn Tough's Merino Wool Socks

As the weather has chilled, the leaves pretty much fallen, and the geese have flown south; I have to say getting out of bed is a chilly feat for my chilly feet. I keep a pair of Darn Tough socks right next to my bed, so I can slip them on before my feet hit the floor. If you haven’t put on a pair of Darn Tough socks, you don’t know what you are missing. These Merino wool socks are definitely comfortable and come in many colors, styles, and cushion options. More importantly, they last! They are durable and made for cold morning floors to freezing mountain tops and everything in between. Although they're made with New Zealand wool, Darn Tough socks are made nearby in Cabot, Vermont. And they boast a lifetime guarantee. You heard me right! This is a sock that is guaranteed for life. What this means is that if these socks are not the most durable and comfortable socks that you have ever owned, then you get your money back! My experience has been great with Darn Tough socks. My feet are warm, dry, and comfortable. These socks actually feel more cozy with time, not thread bare or thin like some other brands. Be good to your feet – they carry you. Treat yourself to some darn cozy, Darn Tough socks today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zeal Transcend Ski Goggles will keep you in the clouds!

Zeal's Transcend Ski Goggles will make you feel like a Top Gun pilot on your next ski adventure. With Recon Instruments vertical odometer technologies you'll get real-time access to performance statistics including speed, altitude, temperature, and time in the corner of your ski goggles. I wore a sample pair last winter and knew instantly that this piece of gear was a must have. Men's Journal agreed and included these goggles on their list of perfect gear this past summer.

Two models are available: one with transitional/photochromic lenses, and the other without. Both lenses are polarized. They feature a Zeal Optics' frame design with a micro LCD display, which appears to hang approximately six feet in front of the user. Even more fun you can relive your day and download your day's adventures. Store and email your total vertical and miles to impress your friends. Want to read more...check out Zeal's blog.

We will only have limited quantities available so don't wait to put your name on our waitlist to get a pair when they become available in November. With such cool gear you can even adopt your own Tom Cruise swagger on the slopes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Excuse me, do you have the time?

No? Well, then it is time for you to check out the Momentum Cobalt Watch by the St. Moritz Watch Company. This watch has a bold look. It is light weight with a sleek black titanium head and watch face. The Momentum Cobalt is stylish and strong. The battery lasts for years while the black bands come with a red, black or blue lining. Now, the Cobalt has the option of a special edition ultra-white and ultra stain resistant rubber band. Another terrific feature is that the watch face is Grade A Swiss superluminous and will stay glowing for hours. This watch will give you the features you need and desire without breaking your bank account. So, put down the cell phones and blackberries and pick up yourself a quality timepiece with the Momentum Cobalt. You will not only be on time, but you will be looking good!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Customer Service Success!

Eight months ago we launched our Focus on Service initiative to make sure that providing excellent customer service will always be a priority at Positive on-line reviews from satisfied customers show these efforts are paying off. As new owners we've worked hard to polish the reputation of, known previously as C & C Outdoors, CandC Outdoors, and/or C and C Outdoor Store. Nothing short of our life's energy and savings now stand behind the value and service we bring to every order will fill for our customers.

We are very pleased by the high ratings we've worked hard to earn in the past few months. In particular we've achieved a 10.0/10 six-month rating from Reseller Our reviews at continue a similar thread. Please take a moment to click on one or both of links to see the high level of service we strive to provide for each and every customer.

Note there are only two critiques since we opened business, but we take every piece of customer feedback seriously. One was from a gentleman who posted on the fifth business day after placing his order upset that it hadn't arrived. Although he received his package on the following day; now we make a daily drop off at the post office at the end of each day to cut that extra day off shipping times. Another was from a woman who bought her tent a year earlier and didn't open it until the following July when she went camping in it. We were not able to honor her request for a refund for her year-old used tent. However we are considering extending our 60 Day, No Questions Asked Return Policy to a 366 Day Returns period for gear that is still new out of the box.

These sites will give you a good idea of the new reputation we are building. You'll also see that many of our new Focus on Service efforts have addressed concerns from the days before we started running C and C Outdoors. If you've bought anything recently or had any interaction with any of our growing staff of customer satisfaction experts we'd be pleased if you'd add your voice to the growing chorus in the form of a review and/or rating. Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thinking about Snowshoes....

Well, we got our first snow at my house Friday night. As I got my morning coffee today, I saw the front page of the paper with a local skier enjoying the new snow. This made me think of ….snowshoes, of course!

We have been stocked with great new snowshoes from Red Feather and MSR. Crescent Moon snowshoes are arriving soon too. All three brands are US made and chock full of features that will make your snowshoe experience awesome! Whether you are running in the snow, hiking up a groomed trail, strolling over meandering terrain, or fighting to the summit of an icy peak; these snowshoes will help you lead the way.

Crescent Moon's SPL binding makes it so easy to put on, take off, or tighten your snowshoe with a mitten on. MSR’s televator heel lifter allows the climber to experience less fatigue and more joy with their adventure. On the Red Feather Race snowshoe, you will find an ultra-light binding which cinch down to any running shoe or light hiking boot.

Don’t forget the kids! We have snow shoes perfect for the smaller adventurers from all three brands! Get the little ones outside and hitting the snow. They will thank you for it (eventually).

Any snowshoe that I have seen here has what I need: strong binding, light weight, flexible sizing, and great crampon grip for climbing up that peak.

And to the skier on the front page this morning along with all of you downhill enthusiasts….what goes down, must first climb up!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's warm, fun and turned inside out? Double-faced Merino sheepskin boots by Koolaburra. By putting the wool on the inside you get super warm and cozy feet. And by using stylish colors and designs you get boots that add some flair to your wardrobe and get you noticed. But beware of cheap knockoffs; learn more about these fake boots here.

What's fun, outside, and warm once you get moving? Snowshoeing. Here's an activity that is great for recreational pleasure, routine exercise, and hard-core adventure. And once you've made an initial investment you'll get years of enjoyment from it without the need for costly maintenance or use fees. Would you believe snow's in the forecast for Friday night here in Waterbury, Vermont? Bet it's nice in Australia right about now....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You gotta get a Gnar!

I was putting up the Sierra Designs Gnar jackets today and, of course, had to try one on. Trouble was, once I had it on I did not want to take it off! This jacket is nice looking, nice feeling, and quality made. The 800 goose down fill delivers high performance for being warm and lightweight while the color choices are outstanding. For me, it is a toss up between the blueberry and chocolate for the women or the range/charcoal and syrah/charcoal for the men. The Gnar has what it takes for a cool fall day, snowy winter or breezy spring. The sleeves are long enough to cover your skin to your wrists along with thumb holes that add that extra protection when connecting with gloves. The waist hem is adjustable and there are plenty of pockets for snacks, gloves or your phone. Another awesome feature of this jacket is that it is stuffable and comes with its own stuff sack! After discovering all these great features, I then read the tag and realized that the Gnar is machine washable and dryable. You have to like that! You will find this to be your MVL – Most Valuable Layer!

Monday, October 4, 2010

While some glorious fall days are expected this week, no doubt they'll quickly become much fewer and far between. With the changing weather we're reminded that now is a great time to check that you've got sturdy footwear, rainwear, and even a mechanical advantage for the trails.

There's nothing better than a Goretex lined boot at this time of year. Not only will it keep your feet dry, but it adds a little insulation that will probably keep your feet warmer than you want them to be in the heat of summer. That's why we're featuring Vasque's Sundowner GTX this month. This traditional boot has been around so long because is comfortable enough to wear around town yet sturdy enough to wear with a heavy pack on your back.

For rainwear we're fond of the lightweight variety that can protect you in a downpour...but also breathes enough to be comfortable when all you need is a little extra warmth. GoLite Badlands Trinity 3 layer jacket for men (and women!) will do just that.

Finally a pair of good hiking poles like the Komperdell Highlander Cork Anti-Shock trekking poles offer one of the few advantages you can gain on the trail. Poles can work wonders at lightening your load. Whether you want better balance with a heavy backpack...or just want to relieve pounding absorbed by your knees and lower back we highly recommend you look into poles for yourself.

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How time flies! September is almost over and the leaves are in full color here on Vermont's scenic Route 100. CC Outdoor Store is anticipating lots of new arrivals as the seasons change which we'll start featuring on our home page. We've started bringing in winter sports backpacks, headlamps for those darker days, and new hiking pole brands for getting around in the snow. Within the next week we're expecting big shipments of Sierra Designs Gnar down jackets and other great outerwear. This should be followed by snowshoes, snowshoes, and more snowshoes.

I know it's a little earlier to talk snowshoes...and you'll hear plenty about them here. So let's turn to another of our favorite topics: Chocolate! What does this have to do with anything you ask...well we feel there is nothing better in the backcountry than the boost you get from real chocolate...not the candy bars that generally pass as chocolate but the kind made with 50% or more cocoa. Whether exercising or trying to get through an afternoon at the office, chocolate is the cure. If you are lucky enough to get up to our area this fall...or any other time; our outdoor store is located only 3 miles from what we consider some of the best artisan chocolate in the world. Go ahead and check out Laughing Moon Chocolates! You'll thank us later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September is the beginning of prime hiking season here in Vermont and it's a great time to pick up a new hiking backpack to stash the gear you'll need. We've already seen the first leaves change color and are expecting fall colors to arrive a little early this year. We're kicking the season off with a 20% Off SALE on a great selection of OSPREY BACKPACKS. Whether you're looking for a lightweight hydration pack or a planning for an expedition you need look no farther.

With cooler, drier days its a good idea to be prepared with extra layers, i.e. a warm, quick drying base layer and a mid-weight fleece or windproof outer layer. This is especially true if you're heading to a summit where temperatures are much lower than the trailhead and the wind chill factor drops the "feels like" temperature even more. While there are many perfect fall days here where you can enjoy the sun in a t-shirt on top of a mountain, a light pair of gloves and a hat can be a good idea. A lightweight, waterproof, breathable shell is also a good insurance policy as you can never quite predict what may happen while you're on the trail.

If you're in the area or planning a trip, the folks down the road at the Green Mountain Club offer excellent info on local hikes. In addition to hiking and backpacking advice, they can also provide helpful hints on what to take with you and what to look for. Of course we're more than happy to point you in the right direction, too! Our store is located on Route 100 North in Waterbury Center on the way to Mount Mansfield and Nebraska Notch; two of our favorite places to hike.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's not over, 'til its over.

The kids may be back at school, but we're still enjoying some summer camping. Mother Nature's cooperating too with some beautiful days here in Waterbury Vermont. Tonight we're camped out in our Big Agnes Lynx Pass 4 again, sleeping on the Rolls Royce of camping pads...the Nemo Cosmo Air and Pillowtop Sleep System. But enough about us.

If you're reading this blog you probably know this is where we tip off friends and fans on upcoming sales, deals and clearance pricing. Within 10 days we'll be starting our bi-annual Osprey backpack sale. As for myself, I just picked up an Osprey Stratos 36 for myself; it's big enough to haul the family's gear on a day hike and just big enough for me to escape for a night in the woods on my own. Check back here after Labor Day for a list of backpacks featured in our sale. Look for prices that are 20% of MSRP on most bags!

Of course, I'm always fussing over having the right boots for the occasion. If you're like me you might want to head on over to our men's and women's boot clearance to see if you can score yourself a great deal!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Agnes & GoLite Sleeping Bag SALE!

As nights in the outdoors start to get a little colder, quality sleeping bags come to mind. That’s why we’re having a SLEEPING BAG SALE that includes several award winning bags! To start we’ve put three great 40 degree summer bags on sale:

All three bags offer lightweight coverage at a lightweight price of up to 20% off!

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly sleeping bag we’ve got two bags that are as green as any bag gets:

If what you need is a warmer, colder weather bag for fall or winter we’ve got what are the roomiest and arguably the comfiest men’s and women’s sleeping bags:

· The Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 degree down sleeping bag and

· The Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 degree down sleeping bag

Both of these bags won recognition from Backpacker Magazine’s gear testers last fall when they were awarded Editor’s Choice honors.

Finally for those of you who you like sleeping out when it’s really cold - or you just need to be prepared for anything - we highly recommend you check out the Big Agnes Farwell 0 degree sleeping bag with Climashield HL insulation. But if you are holding out for the ultimate then the GoLite Adrenaline 0 degree 4 season is the bag for you. Built to excel on winter ski tours and in frigid camping conditions, the Adrenaline is GoLite's most efficient 4-Season mummy bag. This goose down bag features a center front zip, making it ideal for back and side sleepers. And because its a GoLite, you can feel good about saving the environment while sleeping in it.

Friday, August 13, 2010


What a great time to be shopping for outdoor gear! There so many bargains on hiking and backpacking gear...and there are still plenty of warm, long days to use them in the backcountry. With all the great deals on backpacks, tents, and hiking boots we created a Summer 2010 Clearance page for them. Find a great deal of up to 50% off everything from trekking poles to glacier glasses.

If you're looking to upgrade your old hiking or backpacking boots we've created a Men's Backpacking Boot Clearance page and a Women's Backpacking Boot Clearance page. Here you'll find some great buys on Lowa,Vasque, and Zamberlan boots. Please note that we have only one of each of these boots in the specified size and once they are gone...well you know...they're gone.

Last but not least we're running a 20% off Sale on select Big Agnes tents, sleeping bags, and pads for the next week. (If you know what you're looking for and want to see an overview of all of the Big Agnes offerings in a category and which is on sale, you can navigate straight to the BA Sleeping Bag Page, the BA Sleeping Pad page, or the BA Tent page).

Need some ideas? Cozy up with your partner in the Big Agnes King Solomon double sleeping bag or Big Agnes Cabin Creek double sleeping bag. But first get your kids settled into their Big Agnes Porcupine Junior Down bag for a long nature's rest - with creature comforts like this they'll beg to go hiking camping with you for years to come! Don't forget to get a Big Agnes Sleeping Pad so you get the full integrated pad effect. It's Big Agnes' claim to fame - never roll off your pad again! (note you can still get the effect with other pads, too). Check back here again for more sale features, or just visit us at and browse to your heart's content!

Set up your whole family with new gear for a fall adventure - or now that your mind is fresh from your latest hiking or camping trip - get some great deals now for an early start next summer. Either way now is a GREAT time to shop

Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Matter of Warranties - and GREAT outdoor brands!

While at the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival this weekend, we spent a good deal of time practicing our tent set-up skills at the Nemo Tent booth Nicole from the home office surprised us with something new we didn’t already know about their tents…they all come with a lifetime warranty!

It’s a testament to the quality of the brands we carry that many of them come with lifetime guarantees. You may have seen on our last post that on several occasions MSR (and Thermarest - both owned by Cascade Designs) have shocked us by covering product issues (like broken tent poles) by replacing items at no cost to the customer…even when the damage clearly wasn’t a defect, but was the result of customer action and normal wear.

In backpacks both Gregory and Osprey cover their packs with lifetime warranties, and even our Darn Tough wool socks come with a lifetime guarantee... Imagine that!

Boot and watch manufacturers tend to treat warranties differently. Since both products can be subjected to extensive daily use--and wear and tear—their warranties are more limited. All of our boot manufacturers limit their guarantees against defects in workmanship or materials to 1 year, yet we’ve seen extensions made in some cases. Believe us we’ve recently seen some cases where boots have been subjected to so much abuse in as little as two weeks that the line between a product failure and user issue has been pretty close. Never-the-less our three boot brands Lowa, Zamberlan, and Vasque have been Fantastic to work with, have quickly dealt with the issues, and have been generous in honoring warranty requests. St. Moritz watches come with a 2/4/6 year warranty. More than a great service record, though, we have heard from many many customers - and seen the reviews on the web - of the amazing quality of these boots and watches. Perhaps even more telling in this case is the number of warranty issues we have NOT been called about.

At CCOutdoorStore our goal is to make sure you get a quality product, but in rare case when something isn't perfect, we work hard to be your advocate and give you the service you deserve. Just give us a call at 1-802-244-4000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-802-244-4000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-802-244-4000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email us at and we’ll get the process moving so as to minimize your down time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The MSR Hubba Hubba Tent - legendary innovation, quality and service

At, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best gear with a good price and fast and friendly service. But what makes gear good, much less "the best"? We think it's about innovation, yes, but just as important is long-term durability and a strong product quality program.

Enter the MSR Hubba Hubba tent from Cascade Designs. This tent boasted the latest innovation in lightweight tent design a few years back. And in what we consider to be a great move, they actually DIDN'T change it just for the sake of change!

The Hubba Hubba's Innovation:
Ushering in camping and backpacking innovation in 2007, the MSR® Hubba™ 1-person and MSR® Hubba Hubba™ 2-person tents were introduced with a one-pole hub and swivel design to deliver the perfect combination of light weight and livability. This great design was simple and easy to set up, but revolutionary in delivering interior space without a lot of extra weight and gizmos. That alone went a long way to making the MSR Hubba Hubba a highly sought-after backpacking and camping tent. And the innovation still holds strong today... the MSR Hubba Hubba still one of the best-selling ultralight tents in the world.

Other features like the two doors and two large vestibule areas make the Hubba Hubba a great backpacking or small camping tent for any adventure. Two people and their gear can move around pretty comfortably, and only carry 4 pounds, 3 oz to the campsite. With its virtually total screen body, you can use the MSR Hubba Hubba without the fly for those great nights when you just want to sleep under the stars but WITHOUT the bugs!

MSR Hubba Hubba Quality:

Cascade Designs - parent company to MSR products - backs all of its products with a lifetime guarantee. And they don't split hairs with you about what that means.

We recently had a customer who had his Hubba Hubba tent for over a year and broke his poles. He was very apologetic because the break was not due to normal wear and tear, but rather was caused from from external and undue pressure on the poles. He wanted to pay for a new set. Now we knew about Cascade Designs' fantastic lifetime warranty on all their MSR tents, stoves, and snowshoes, but figured this was a borderline case. After speaking with Cascade Designs, we discovered they would replace the Hubba Hubba tent poles for free. Great!

And a few months back a customer who had her Hubba Hubba tent for more than 5 years and used it well (and quite often) poked a hole in her fly. You guessed it, Cascade Designs was willing to fix free of charge. Unbelievable!

Now we're pretty sure there's a bunch of legal jargon that says that Cascade Designs does not have to replace anything and everything on an MSR Hubba Hubba tent whether it's due to abuse or normal wear and tear or not - but in practice, these guys do what's right... and even go above and beyond. They've even got a great repair program that saves the landfills and extends the life perfectly good equipment for many many years.

In our experience, when it comes to MSR and the Hubba Hubba Tent we're not talking about a lot of product quality issues - this backpacking workhorse is build to last right out of the box.

So a big shout out to Cascade Designs/MSR for making such a fantastic lightweight tent for backpacking, but most of all for standing by it with their lifetime warranty and general customer-friendly approach to each and every product.

Check out the MSR Hubba Hubba Tent at today.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Tents are coming! The Tents are coming!

The tents are coming! The tents are coming! ... a message from Reed and Maureen McCracken, owner-operators of

We've got a new shipment of Sierra Designs tents making it's way to us at this very moment.
We were in a Sierra Designs Lightening XT 4 not so long ago and I'll tell you it was a snap to put up...and very roomy. With nearly vertical sidewalls this backpacking tent would also be a roomy car camping tent for a young family. We can't wait to open up the boxes of all these great Sierra Designs tents. So which tent will we be sending to you?? Check out the full Sierra Designs Tents page and place your order today!

Also in tent news... this past week we took in a big shipment of Nemo's Meta 2P tent. So they are IN STOCK NOW and ready to ship within 24 hours of your order. The Meta 2P is the ultimate in the new ultralight backpacking category and is HOT HOT HOT! This is a tent you gotta grab while you can because people are just snapping them up. Check out the Backpacker Editor's Choice video review HERE. We're also anticipating more Nemo tents coming into inventory in the coming days - check out the great deals and options on our Nemo page. Later this week we'll get re-stocked on the roomy Asashi 4P. If only there were enough of those Asashi's to go around, we'd take one for ourselves!

Speaking of ourselves, we got back from a recent family camping trip where we tried out the Big Agnes' Lynx Pass 4P. What a value! At $299 you get an incredibly versatile all-around great tent. Yeah, you can find lighter tents, but there are a lot of more cost effective ways to shave a pound from your back than missing out on this tent. Our family of four fit fact it was surprising roomy. Best of all, with four corner vents in the fly there was practically NO condensation overnight, as an added bonus each corner had a mesh pocket for each family members' headlamp and personal items. Plus it was a snap to put up. The Lynx Pass 2-person and Lynx Pass 3-person tents utilize the same innovative pole architecture and share the same great features - just a bit smaller.

Isn't time YOU pitched a new tent? Check out our complete selection @

Friday, May 28, 2010

HUGE SALE on Osprey Packs and Big Agnes Tents!

If you haven’t aired out your tent and backpack since putting them away for the winter, get 'em out and give 'em a thorough inspection. Now could be the perfect time to replace your old tent with an easy to set-up, lightweight new model - or get that backpack that has today's innovations in comfort and hydration. Because right now is when we're having our HUGE Osprey and Big Agnes Tent SALE. The sale begins this weekend and continues through June 13, 2010.

Osprey Packs - the ultimate in backpack design:
Osprey has always been on the forefront in backpack design and innovation, and this year is no exception. We are so excited to put EVERY OSPREY we have on our site on SALE for 20% off! Have you heard about Osprey's new HydraForm reservoir and hydration system? Check out the pictures on our Manta 20 page - or any of the Osprey Hydration products on our Osprey Backpack page. Osprey's cool new reservoir has a handle that makes it easy to hold while filling, but also works with the track system inside Osprey hydration packs - so the reservoir stays in place and doesn't scrunch up at the bottom of the pack or get all sideways. The Osprey HydraForm hydration-compatible packs are also designed to put the right amount of pressure in the right places, so you get great water pressure and delivery down to the last drop. And as one customer reminded us today, the system also provides protection from the stuff we jam in our packs - no poked holes or uneven pressure in our water supply. Of course you don't want to forget the packs that keep Osprey on the map - the Exos backpack, the Kestrel 68 backpack, and when you want travel luggage with a backpack component the Osprey Sojourn wheeled convertible pack is the perfect choice.

Big Agnes Tents - Tried, Tested, and getting better every year:
And then there's Big Agnes Tents. Big Agnes Tents. Need we say more? Yes, this is the same Big Agnes that has won Backpacker Magazine acclaim for years running. The legendary Seedhouse tents, Copper Spur tents, Lynx Pass tents - these are the tried and true tents that gave Big Agnes her fantastic reputation. And then there's Big Agnes' innovative and earth-friendly Salt Creek tent, and of course the latest Backpacker Magazine sensation the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Tent. will be offering most Big Agnes Tents (except their brand new just-out-of-the-gate models like the Fly Creek UL2) at 20% off during this sale. You don't want to miss it!

Throughout CCOutdoorStore's Osprey/Big Agnes Tent sale, shipping will be just $7.99 - regardless of the size of your package, where in the lower-48 US it is going, or what other products you purchase.

At, we have bought extra inventory to support this huge Osprey/Big Agnes Bonanza. If necessary, though, we will hold your backorder, honor these great sale prices, and keep you up-to-date on your order. It's all part of our ever-improving service program - where we strive to support every customer with a friendly voice, a virtual smile, and when you make it to Vermont a very hearty welcome!

So we hope to see you online, and as always - thank you for giving the opportunity to win your business!